Russian Experts Warn World War III Will Begin Due To US, NATO And Crimea

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Russian experts are warning that the World War 3 could happen due to the dangerous cocktail of US aggression in other countries combined with NATO’s stance on Crimea. 

A Moscow State University professor says that if Ukraine and NATO troops to go to the Crimea an act of war will have been declared and “nuclear apocalypse” may become a reality. reports:

“Now looming two possible scenarios of our future relations with NATO. The first – as we reduce the risk to not fight. Let us begin talks, talk about the status of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia … This is a positive agenda. The second option – an extremely negative scenario. This the probability of collision force, “- said the press Assistant Professor, Department of World Politics, Moscow State University Alexei Fenenko.

His colleague, head of the department of international organizations and global political processes of world politics MSU Andrey Sidorov suggests that “Ukraine and NATO troops to go to the Crimea, and the world will be announced that starting a war with the Russian occupation forces that oppress Crimeans.” Experts fear that “It will all be represented as a revolt against the Crimean Russian aggressors and invaders. And NATO Poroshenko allegedly rush to their aid.”

“A year later, on the borders of Russia and the Donbass will be half a million army with total propaganda and strict discipline, training, ready to drown in blood and the Donbass, and Transnistria, and the Crimea and Kuban,” – said earlier political analyst Sergei Markov.

But in this case Russia will be forced to defend their territory and its population, to use all means – from the military operation, precision missiles to nuclear weapons!

No wonder that the Pentagon worried – they say, “Russia is moving forward towards its goal, which is to place on heavy bombers, submarines and ships cruise long-range missiles equipped with conventional warheads, or run out of range missile weapons” – US Admiral William Courtney.

“It can enhance the ability of the Kremlin in the US flexible deterrence without nuclear weapons,” – he experiences, – “And so the Russian army increasingly feels confident around the world, including near the borders of the United States.”

“After the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001, US President has the authority to him, contrary to norms of international law to attack any country in the world, if it threatens US interests,” – said an American law professor Deborah Perlstein in an interview with Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten . After all, in fact, the new law gives the US President the right to attack any country, including nuclear weapons, if it finds – it is involved in the September 11 attacks or “poses a threat to America!”

Just like with the directive №3025.18, called ” Defense Support of Civil Authorities “and adopted in late 2010. It is, recall, gives Obama the right to use the US Army with its tanks, missiles, helicopters and special forces to suppress the Americans in the case of mass riots and protests.

Well, the Russian military reveal the secret on some “Crimea” and other nuclear secrets, but … As already said the Russian government and military – Russia is ready to defend itself with nuclear weapons. So recently the Russian Strategic Missile Forces conducted a large-scale exercises and expressed full readiness to immediately comply with the order to use nuclear weapons. “Doubts and hesitations will not, the task will be executed”, – assured the PCH Head central command post of Strategic Missile Forces Andrew Burbin. He added that “if it will be necessary to perform the task to repel lightning nuclear strike, it will be executed in a timely manner – it is absolutely accurate.” About “Dead Hand” (which is the system of “Perimeter”), officially introduced on combat duty in Russia, rocketeer not reported.
We hope that common sense will suffice and this is not required.

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