Blast Of Summer To Hit Britain Next Week, 21C Temperatures Coming

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Britain is going to get a taste of summer later this week as a blast of warm air from the Continent hits it on Friday, with weather forecasters predicting temperatures close to 21C (70F). reports:

The cheery outlook comes after a wet and miserable start to Easter was salvaged by a slight improvement over the weekend.

Day-trippers headed out and about to enjoy the sunshine which was most noticeable around the west coast, Wales, Devon and Cornwall.

Thermometers hit 62F (16.7C) in Porthmadog, Wales, making it the warmest weekend of the year so far in the region.

The Met Office expects similar temperatures tomorrow with most places enjoying decent spells of warmth and sunshine.

It said people out and about under clear skies should protect against potentially strong rays.

A spokesman said: “At this time of year, despite still feeling quite cool, the sun can be as strong as it is in late September.

“If you are in an area that is sunny, make sure you take steps to ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy the sunshine safely, particularly as your skin may not be acclimatised to sunshine after the long winter months.”

Met Office forecaster Charlie Powell said: “Monday is looking pretty nice particularly across the south and the southwest.

“There will be some decent spells of sunshine with temperatures hitting 14C or 15C although there some cloud cover likely.

“Next week is likely to bring the warmest weather so far this year with air coming in from the near Continent pushing temperatures above average.

“We could see 20C towards the end of the week with prolonged sunshine making it feel pretty warm.

“It is looking very decent thanks in part to high pressure remaining in control.”

Britons gave up hope of a sunny weekend as Easter’s approach brought grey skies, rain and chilly winds.

As forecasters warned of snow in parts of the country supermarkets reported a surge in sales of winter comfort foods.

Tesco saw warming puddings, pies and casserole vegetables all fly off the shelves as families battened down the hatches.

Spokesman Tom Nicholson said: “The colder weather put typical winter warming foods back on our shopping lists.

“It looks like curry, pies, and heart-warming pudding classics such as crumbles, jam roly-poly and spotted dick will be served up for the rest of the holiday period.”

However a dramatic turnaround is just around the corner with experts saying it is finally safe to dust off the summer wardrobe.

The Weather Channel’s Leon Brown said swathes of the country will enjoy above-average temperatures this week.

He said: “Temperatures will recover to around the normal for early April, but in the sunshine feeling quite pleasant.

“Temperatures by day will be a few degrees above normal over the west while being cooler near the east coast.”

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said although a warmer spell is on the way sun-starved Britons are not in for a heatwave just yet.

He said: “There are likely to be some improvements in the overall picture as we head into Easter Monday.

“High pressure will start to gradually build and become a more prominent feature and this will bring a somewhat drier and more settled theme for many, in particular, in some parts to the west.

“There is a risk of it remaining rather cool, cloudy and unsettled at times in some places, despite it becoming more settled and drier overall.”

Chris Burton, forecaster for The Weather Network, said: “Through Easter Monday, although there is likely to be a lot of mist and low cloud first thing, many areas should see more in the way of sunshine by the afternoon.

“It should feel pleasant in the sunshine with temperatures perhaps peaking at 15-16C in a few spots.

“The week also looks like remaining dry and settled with high pressure staying close to the UK.”

WeatherOnline forecaster John Ejdowski added: “A strong area of high pressure will become stationary over the United Kingdom and will give much of the country a settled, dry spell.

“Probably quite a bit of cloud to start the week, with more in the way of sunshine developing later. “Fog patches may be locally dense across parts of the country to start some of the mornings.”

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  1. 21 ? that is summer like?
    WTF. thats only 69 degrees farenheit. I live in the south, it was almost 90 degrees here. Brits must be complete pussies.

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