Video: Humans Labeled Deadliest Predator On Earth – “Super Predators”

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Did you know you’re a super predator?  Well, assuming you are human, and you are reading this, then scientists have now labeled humans as the deadliest predators on Earth.  According to a recently published study, humans act as “super-predators”, killing adult prey at massively larger levels than any other animal in nature.

According to GeoBeatsNews:

When you think of the world’s most dominant predators, sharks, tigers, and bears may come to mind, but a recently published study has singled out one animal above all–humans.

A ‘super-predator’ is how the team has labeled humans based on a broad survey of practices among animals.
They found that people kill large, land-based carnivores like bears and lions at a rate nine times greater than the deaths the wild creatures cause amongst themselves.

Humans have been even more active in the water, with an adult kill rate calculated at 14 times that found within the marine population.
Another significant difference noted by researchers is that people tend to target adult prey, whereas wild animals are more apt to go after juveniles.

The latter approach benefits both the predator and prey groups because it allows mature and fertile members to keep reproducing.
The hope is that this study can influence fishing and wildlife policies for conservation purposes.

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