We Will NEVER Forgive Them for What They Did to Our Elderly

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The last 32 months have been hell for the majority but, despite our abusers slowly admitting to the lies they’ve spun, they now want us to forgive and forget. 

The last 32 months have been hell for the majority but, despite our abusers slowly admitting to the lies they’ve spun, they now want us to forgive and forget. 

But that’s not going to happen. It really isn’t. 

Over the last two and a half years, I was drawn into the dark world of care homes and the crimes being perpetrated by our government and media against care home residents and their families. The ‘no visitors’ policy was never a law and the fact that the government website always quietly stated that visits should be facilitated whenever possible, care home managers followed what the TV told them and locked down, some as far back as February 2020. Then that was it – elderly residents locked in and their friends and families locked out. 

Care home horror stories started to emerge: I investigated and penned several. Remember this? And this? (The gentleman in this article – Attilio Criscuolo – sadly passed away in September, a mere 18 months after its publication. RIP, Attilio.)

We are never going to forget how much suffering the government – and those that did their bidding – imposed upon our elderly in care homes and hospitals. Neglected, imprisoned, deprived from seeing loved ones, thinking they’d been abandoned, many not getting the treatment they needed, unnecessarily and dangerously jabbed with a toxic experimental injection, many euthanised with morphine and Midazolam (as used in the US to execute Death Row criminals) all under the guise of treatment for an illness that’s never been proven to exist. The Covid Death Pathway, I called it. For that’s what it was. Thousands were callously killed on end of life ‘care’ programmes and their deaths were written off as ‘Covid’ deaths. (I offered stories on this obvious and deliberate misattribution of death to Covid to a few newspapers – along with stories of vaccine death and injury and proof that the so-called pandemic was a hoax – but all such pitches were rejected.)

They want us to forget stories like this.

They want us to forget that they ever published stories like this.

I had to push hard to get stories like this one into the mainstream press. Stories about my dad, stuck in a locked down care home for 10 months, but freed as soon as I threatened to take them to court for false imprisonment and violation of human rights. And now it’s being suggested that we just forget all about it and move on. Yes, they lied – about pretty much everything – but, hey, that’s all in the past and it’s important to let bygones be bygones. Really?

My dad was never the same after being deprived of visits, hugs, kisses and cuddles. He could not understand why we were only permitted to speak through a closed window and he was permanently perplexed as to why he was being punished. 

When I got him home, he was an echo of his former self: he had become fearful, depressed, anxious and paranoid. He started self-harming, he had suicidal thoughts and was suffering from a clear case of survivor’s guilt, his joy at being free overshadowed by worry about the people he’d left behind. That miserable stint in the home had caused him to lose the will to live and, exactly a year after his homecoming, he died when a paramedic injected him with a too-high dose of a drug he’d never had before. I told the Telegraph what had happened to my dad. The editor I deal with there didn’t offer any condolences – she just said that that sort of story wasn’t really her department and gave me the email address of an editor who she thought might be interested. I emailed this other editor three times but got no reply. 

And what about Captain Tom? HE was allowed visitors and he even popped off on holiday to Barbados where he was pictured with Cliff Richard and Russ Abbot, while our elderly relatives died alone and had ‘rule of six’ funerals held for them. Just unbelievable.

It’s been a tough time for pretty much everyone but tougher still for anyone going against the narrative. I ignored all the stupid and unlawful rules but others felt they weren’t able to. As a result of the masking, social distancing, being under house arrest and getting jabbed, people lost their jobs, had their businesses shut down and suffered a deterioration in health. Many died because they couldn’t get hospital or doctor appointments. Those that died passed alone with no one to advocate for them, no one to protect them and no one to hold their hand. Behind the closed doors of care homes and hospitals, sinister and deathly protocols were being implemented. And there were no witnesses apart from the killer medics who, of course, were just doing their job. Just following orders. (Let’s see that excuse stand up in court. Bring on Nuremberg 2.0 ASAP!) The numbers of suicides seemed to be on the rise (going by social media) but these weren’t being reported by the national papers. And, to this day, many of those damaged or killed by the still-being-trialled Covid jabs are being ignored. 

And they reckon we’re going to forget all that? They should be so lucky! 

Our tyrannical government and the lapdog press would probably like me to forget that, in May 2021, I approached 28 editors with the story of the century – proof of a mass culling of the elderly in NHS facilities all over the UK. I had meetings with editors from two national newspapers and both agreed that the story was most definitely front page news. Then they went quiet. One hasn’t spoken to me since. 

The following month, I pitched a story about the use of blanket DNRs (Do Not Resuscitate orders) in care homes and hospitals to an editor at the Telegraph. It was commissioned. I told the story of how I’d discovered that my dad had a DNR on his notes and that it had been placed without his or my consent. I also included shocking quotes from a whistleblower doctor who revealed that, due to the hoax pandemic, DNRs were being put on anyone over 60, the disabled, people with mental health issues and children with autism. I met the deadline and filed the article. Weeks later, I was told it was not being published. No reason was given. I later offered it to an alternative news website and they published it. haven’t forgotten the fact that this story was rejected but I bet they wish I had. 

I’m sure they’d like me to forget that I ever made this film (co-produced with Ickonic Media) in the hope that if I forget, I’ll stop sharing it at every opportunity and then everyone else will forget too:

They’d probably prefer me – and everyone who watched and listened to me – to forget every word I’ve said (about the fake virus, the scamdemic, the toxic clot shots, the way the police and government were breaking the law on a daily basis, the ridiculousness of the never-ending rules) in the 30 or so no-holds-barred interviews I’ve done for various radio and TV internet news shows. Here’s one with David Icke from December 2020. And another I did in January this year with Alex Jones.

And they’d probably be pretty chuffed if this little film could be forgotten too:

I emailed the 28 editors again in November 2021 to inform them that their refusal to publish my story made them complicit in the ongoing Midazolam murders and that they all had blood on their hands. I didn’t get a single reply to that jolly little ‘round robin’. No surprises there. 

Once my new film – ‘Playing God’ – is released early next year, they’ll no doubt want us to forget that too. 

Oh yes. Our torturers and tormentors want us to forget all this and more. But millions are unwilling – not to mention unable – to do that. The people who suffered most, whose lives were irreparably damaged, will never ever forget. And they’re even less likely to forgive. 

We now need to make sure they know we’re not going to let them brush it under the carpet. Until the psychopathic destroyers are held accountable, we will never stop reminding them of the crimes they’ve committed and the devastation they’ve caused. 

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