Blair Tells Starmer To Introduce ID Cards & ‘Avoid Vulnerability On Wokeism’

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Blair and Starmer

Sir Tony Blair is urging Britian’s new prime minister Sir Kier Starmer to come up with a plan for controlling immigration, to turn the tide on populism and combat the political threat posed by Reform.

The war criminal and former Labour leader wants the new one to introduce digital identity cards and “avoid any vulnerability on wokeism”.

In an early intervention, just 24 hours after the Starmer entered Downing Street, Blair started publicly offering advice on how to approach his time in office.

Blair, whose attempt to roll out ID cards while in power was killed off by the following coalition government, called for a new digital system to help with border control.

MSN reports: Writing in the Sunday Times, he said: “The only game-changer is the full embrace of the potential of technology.”

He added: “We need a plan to control immigration. If we don’t have rules, we get prejudices.

“In office, I believed the best solution was a system of identity, so that we know precisely who has a right to be here.

“With, again, technology, we should move as the world is moving to digital ID. If not, new border controls will have to be highly effective.”

The New Labour leader congratulated Sir Keir for “the most remarkable turnaround in recent British electoral history” after the party won a historic victory at the polls on Thursday.

But he also warned that underneath the sweeping electoral gains, there were clear signs that many voters had been seeking to punish the Tories at the ballot box rather than reward Labour.

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