Russia To Officially Recognise Turkey As “Accomplice Of Terrorism”

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Russia to officially recognise Turkey as an "accomplice to terrorism"

Russia have announced plans to officially recognize Turkey as “an accomplice of terrorism”, saying that Turkish political organizations such as the “Grey Wolves” will be banned in the country. 

The bold move was suggested by MP Sergei Obukhov after evidence emerged that the “Grey Wolves” organisation may have been responsible for the downing of the Russian A321 plane over Sinai. reports:

“As for Turkey, given irrefutable evidence of Ankara’s criminal ties with ISISL militants, Russia should have initiated the process to recognize the Turkish Republic as an accomplice of terrorists long ago, with all ensuing international consequences,” Obukhov told RIA Novosti.

The Russian administration will investigate the information on the possible involvement of the “Grey Wolves” in the terrorist attack above Sinai, the MP said.

Should the information is confirmed, the Russian administration ill have to initiate the prices to recognize the organization as a terrorist group to outlaw its activities on the basis of the UN Charter, said Sergei Obukhov.

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