Farage: BLM ‘Wants To Eradicate Western Civilization’

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Nigel Farage warns that Black Lives Matter is planning to completely obliterate western civilisation

Brexit leader Nigel Farage has warned that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement wants to completely eradicate western civilization within the next few years.

“Look, you cannot separate taking the knee from the Black Lives Matter movement,” Farage said during a GB News interview when asked to comment on England’s football team taking a knee during the UEFA European Football Championship.

“It is an avowedly, openly Marxist organisation that wants to defund the police and wants to bring down the whole of Western civilisation — don’t take my word for it, just read the website — and you can’t separate the two,” the former UKIP leader continued.

Breitbart.com reports: Farage had some compliments for England manager Gareth Southgate, but disagreed strongly with his pro-kneeling stance.

“When he said this week ‘We are about more than football’ — no, Mr Southgate, you are about football,” he insisted.

“The idea that it’s right for the football team to get involved with political gestures is a mistake, and that’s what the fans are rebelling against.

“And you’ll notice we’re pretty much the only team in the whole competition that are taking the knee,” he went on,

“I think [Gareth Southgate] has made a big mistake with this, I really do.”

Boris Johnson’s government, meanwhile, has been comparatively lukewarm on issues such as taking the knee, with the once-notoriously politically incorrect Prime Minister having in recent months defended Joe Biden against charges of wokery on grounds that there is “nothing wrong with being woke”.

He also issued a bizarre call for the post-pandemic world to “build back better” in a “more equal, and… in a more gender-neutral, and perhaps a more feminine way” at the G7 summit in Cornwall.

However, Home Secretary Priti Patel, regarded by many as the Cabinet’s strongest member when it comes to rhetoric — if not results — has issued an unusually unequivocal criticism of kneelers, telling GB News that she does not “support people participating in that type of gesture politics”.

“We saw last year, in particular, with some of the protests that took place, I speak now very much from what I saw on the impact on policing — it was devastating,” she went on.

“I just don’t subscribe to this view that we should be rewriting our history; toppling statues,” she said, declining to criticise football fans who have been booing England players for kneeling: “That’s a choice for them, quite frankly.”


  1. People are so deceived ny the media of th e day They in there hate Christians, hate Jesus and so hate God and the Bible Of course they’re going to set ip every scene to do the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches Every way they can using every loser in sight Smiling at them all as if a good friend who cares for all the little children. You cant even tell people cause they’re so deceived they dont even know what your talking about they’re living in such a lie ,and they dont even know it

  2. The Church if England ,with its Amendments stated by the Bishop of York has ,as he said the Queen instructed ,not a duty to serve God or the Church of England, or even the Word of God but a need to serve ” community ” .Theres your answer.

  3. Some FBI agents are treasonous scum in my opinion. If tried legally by a jury, and found guilty what is the punishment? Is HANGING in the town square legal?

    Having said that, i have a question for Newspunch. Are you part of the wide cast net to capture antinomials, and and you associated with project Pogo and project Zypher?

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