Official Data: Fully jabbed people account for 9 of 10 COVID Deaths

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Fully jabbed individuals account for 9 out of 10 COVID deaths

The fully jabbed account for 9 of every 10 deaths from COVID in England and 4 of 5 deaths among the triple-jabbed, according to official data published by the UK Health Security Agency.

The government report, published Feb. 22, includes a table on page 41 confirming the vast majority of deaths were among the vaccinated.

About 73.5% of the population of England has been fully inoculated, and 56.9% have received a booster shot: reports: Top health officials around the world, including in the U.S., have acknowledged that the COVID-19 vaccines have not stopped infection or transmission amid the omicron wave – the premise for vaccine mandates – but have insisted the shots prevent hospitalization and death.

However, between Jan 24 and Feb. 20, there were 9,230 COVID-19 hospitalizations in England. The fully vaccinated accounted for 6,689 of them, the triple vaccinated 4,936 and the unvaccinated 2,341.

During that period, there were 4,861 COVID-19 deaths, with the triple vaccinated population accounting for 3,120 of them. The unvaccinated population accounted for only 559.

Overall, the vaccinated population accounted for 89% of all COVID-19 deaths during the four-week period.

The Expose said it’s most concerning that while the rate of hospitalizations and deaths has declined for the unvaccinated, it’s increased for the vaccinated and boosted.

Between Nov. 22 and Dec. 19, the vaccinated population accounted for 77% of COVID-19 deaths. The latest figures represent a 48% increase. Meanwhile, COVID-19 deaths among the unvaccinated have decreased by 37%.

In the United States, newly published CDC data shows a massive increase in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations since the emergence of the omicron variant among those who have been fully vaccinated.

Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist and epidemiologist who is one of the leading critics of the COVID vaccines, pointed out that “reductions in hospitalization and death were never demonstrated” in randomized controlled studies.

“Now, (there is) disappointment as the data come in to support what everyone has known for months,” he wrote on Twitter.


  1. Shhhh Don’t tell the triple jabbed They’ve already suffered enough. There’s no cure for them, the s no way to unjab themselves or clean their dna ever again.

  2. The only person i know that got covid and died was fully vaccinated. I have known plenty that survived, including myself.

  3. The percentage of people dying with the Jabs and Booster Jabs will soon fall.. they will have already died.

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    • This article is nonsense, but it being 100% of the deaths is also false according to page 43 – for whatever that’s worth.

      How about instead of trying to tell people how many deaths are where, we agree that the people giving the statistics are not trustworthy and just respect the fact that some people don’t trust them to put shit in our body while others do? Can’t it just be that simple without needing the numbers to be accurate?

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