Patricia Arquette Claims Donald Trump Is Not the Legitimate US President

Fact checked
Patricia Arquette

Trump hating actress Patricia Arquette has lashed out at Donald Trump again claiming he is an illegitimate President of the United States.

On Monday she tweeted “Reminder — Donald Trump is not the legitimate President of the Unites States. He never has been . He never will be.”

Breitbart reports: Patricia Arquette also attacked Rep. Kevin McCarthy, accusing him of turning the U.S. into a “cheapo Russian colony.” She was responding to a tweet from the House Minority Leader in which he excoriated Democrats for their lack of patriotism.

On Sunday, the Hollywood actress proposed that insurance companies stop covering people who come down with COVID-19 and were found not to have worn a mask in public.

Arquette also said that she would welcome the news that President Trump has resigned or come down with the coronavirus.

The actress is one of Hollywood’s most vocal anti-Trump activists


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