Teachers Banned From Calling Female Pupils ‘Girls’ As It May Offend Trans Students

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One of the UK’s top performing girls grammar schools has banned teachers from calling their female pupils “girls” because it may offend transgender students.

Altrincham Grammar School for Girls in Manchester has written to parents saying the decision was made to break “ingrained habits in the way pupils are spoken to”and that “for many transgender students being misgendered can be very hurtful”

Governors have said however that there were no plans to remove “girls” from the school’s name.

RT reports: Head Teacher Stephanie Gill told parents in a letter that the school’s new approach came as a response to “the challenges facing our students who are questioning their gender identity or who do not identify as girls.”

Although the school does not admit boys, she added that parents “may have noticed that we have moved to using gender-neutral language in all our communications with students and parents. We are working to break ingrained habits in the way we speak to and about students, particularly referring to them collectively as ‘girls.’”

She continued to explain in the letter that “for many transgender students, being misgendered can be very hurtful” and calling students by the wrong gender undermines efforts to demonstrate that “everyone is welcome” at the high-achieving school. “Staff have embraced these changes and are doing their best to implement this new policy,” said Gill.

Despite the new gender-neutral approach at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, there are no plans to change its name. The school was placed sixth in the Sunday Times’ list of best state schools in the country, with all students awarded A*-C grades in the 2016 GCSE exams.

“When I opened the letter, I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not. It seems a bit potty to me,” said one parent, who requested to remain anonymous, adding: “They are talking about diversity, but it’s a girls-only school. How does that work?”

A local resident gave their opinion to the BBC: “It’s ridiculous,” they said. “We live in an age where we have to respect people’s views and if people have issues around gender and sexuality, we have to understand that. But girls should be referred to as girls.”

Chris McGovern of the Campaign for Real Education said the school’s decision was “complete folly.”

“The intentions are good, but children who have issues over their gender identity can be treated with respect without the English language being altered to accommodate them,” he said. “Instead, this kind of move risks leading to more bullying of transgender pupils who may wrongly be blamed for this move.”

The leading school’s decision to dump the word ‘girl’ has sparked a firestorm on Twitter, with users labelling the change as “liberal insanity in action.”


  1. And will engineers have to start renaming their equipment instead of female connector and male connector? This may cause electrocution if wires get mixed up. How awful that people can’t be called what they are. In a way, this is body shaming. It may cause children to be less assured and invoke eating disorders. Perhaps looking at a girl would be offensive for these transgender children as well? So they may need to blind-fold them so they can cope with real life. ??

  2. So boys can go to a girls school if they lie about being girls? Sounds like an invitation to rapists and sexual predators.

    • It triggers me. Abraham religions are a disease that have systematically destroyed every race on Earth. It turned the African man into a daddy-troubles and the European man into a mommy-troubles. Yeah, do take it down. If liberals request it, I’ll be there with them to celebrate it’s removal. It’s upside down, by the way. Did you know that?

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