Researchers Find Transgender Women Have More Muscle Mass Than Biological Women

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The British Journal of Sports Medicine have published the results of a surprise to no one study on the cardiopulmonary capacity and muscle strength of transgender women versus biological women.

Enttled: “Cardiopulmonary capacity and muscle strength in transgender women on long-term gender-affirming hormone therapy: a cross-sectional study”, the research included 15 transgender women who had received hormone therapy for an average of 14 years compared to 13 biological men and 14 biological women.

The Gateway Pundit reports: the study revealed that transgender women have more muscle mass and cardiopulmonary capacity than biological women. In the study referenced below, CW represents cis-gender women (biological women)  and CM refers to cis-gender men (biological men.)

Researchers shared that their findings could help “inform policy” about decisions involving transgender women in sports.

According to the study:

In this small cohort of non-athlete TW, who were previously exposed to male pubertal development and underwent long-term oestrogen therapy, we identified higher grip strength and VO2 peak levels than in non-athlete CW, but these same parameters were lower compared with non-athlete CM.

These findings add new insights to the sparse information available on a highly controversial topic about the participation of TW in physical activities. Future studies involving transgender athletes that account for and quantify variable exposure times to pubertal development and assess muscle cell metabolism are needed to elucidate the effects of long-term GAHT on TW sports performance.

Several states, including Louisiana and Mississippi,  have addressed these inequities and attacks on women by banning trans-athletes from competing in women’s sports in their states.

Non the less, transgender athletes continue to infringe on women’s sports.

A transgender golfer, who played on a men’s college team, is poised to become the first transgender woman to earn an LGPA tour card.

A transgender cyclist in the UK was ruled ineligible to participate in a women’s championship race after female competitors reportedly threatened to boycott.

Transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas won the first event a NCAA swimming and diving finals in March, 2022. At the end of Thomas’s collegiate swimming career at UPenn, Thomas moved from 65th on the men’s team to 1st on the women’s team in the 500-yard freestyle.

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