President Bolsonaro Hospitalized In Florida With ‘Abdominal Pain’ Amid Poisoning Fears

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Former President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro has been hospitalized in Orlando, Florida, after suffering the sudden onset of severe abdominal pains as his supporters claim he might have poisoned.

His hospitalization comes a day after pro-Bolsonaro demonstrators protesting against the election of socialist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva stormed the headquarters of Brazil’s executive and legislative branches on Sunday. 

On Twitter, wrote, “JUST IN – Brazil’s Bolsonaro admitted to hospital in the US,” and Brian Winter wrote “Bolsonaro has checked into a hospital in Florida with abdominal pain, reports @laurojardim, without citing sources. He has had numerous health problems since surviving a stabbing attack in 2018.” Brazilian outlet O Globo also reports that Bolsonaro was hospitalized with abdominal pain.

Fears that Bolsonaro was poisoned surfaced on Twitter after the news broke, with many supporters alleging the timing is suspicious. Bolsonaro is facing a possible extradition to Brazil and was planning to live in Italy, where he holds citizenship, and believes he would have been immune from extradition to Brazil.

On January 3, Reuters reported that Bolsonaro was hospitalized over an intestinal blockage related to that 2018 stabbing.

The Post Millennial report: 76-year-old Lula da Silva was sworn in as president of Brazil on January 1. He reportedly won 50.83 percent of the vote compared to incumbent Bolsonaro, who won 49.17, in the country’s October 2 vote. On October 30, there was a runoff election that Lula da Silva won, and that win was immediately ratified by the left-leaning Superior Electoral Court.

Bolsonaro launched a challenge to the presidential election in late November after the runoff and said there were “signs of irreparable … malfunction” in some electronic voting machines. The head of Lula’s Workers Party said the bid was mere “chicanery.” 

Lula da Silva was convicted in 2017 for money laundering but a court threw out the conviction in March 2021.

Brazil’s Supreme Court also banned guns in the country’s capital and suspended registered gun owners’ licenses in the lead-up to Lula da Silva’s inauguration.

On Sunday, Bolsonarists broke into the presidential palace as well as the National Congress building.

Jack Posobiec said when he was in Mexico City he saw celebrations for Lula’s election and said, “It ain’t like in the US where they’ve just got the Antifa flags. They’ve got full-on hammer and sickle red flags, and what they’re chanting is ‘Viva Lula, Viva Lula’,” and later added, “The communists are out in full force for him.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. not sure if this story is true, but I wouldn’t put it past the liberal cabal. They have installed WEF stooges in every G7 country and now they are infiltrating most other countries with their ILK

    • I am not sure any of it is true. is Bosonairo controlled opposition? Is he a double agent?
      The reason would be to expose the more courageous citizens, take their names, then later go after them, like what they did with Trump and Jan 6th. Use them as an example of what will happen to you if you go against the regime.

      • He is proud catholic it figures. Catholics need to learn their religion is synomymous with wef and globalism just like zionism.

    • all western governments have been infiltrated and controlled by the WEF communists
      everyone knows what comes next

  2. The real story is the Globalist cabal that’s been assassinating any Nation’s leaders who have been getting in their way for their total tyrannical control over the planet. Bolsonaro has been on their hit list for 5 years now. It’s amazing he is still alive.

    • Whats is he getting in the way of ? He staged phoney riot then ran as hard as he could to get out of the place likely never to return not exactly an heroic act. Some Brazilains online claim he is going to Italy eventually because he has family there and a dual citizen of both nations.
      Not even Trump would and leave his nation plus support base behnd to the music of serious charges for that action. Keep in the riot happened when after Bolsonaro had actaully already fled to Florida..

  3. Those South American Catholic countries have been so infested with the filthiest corruptions for centuries It’s almost impossible to trust anyone from politics there really.

    • He is no Chavez is further left than Lulu. Chavez is full blowin communist. Lulu is only some kind of social democrat. Balsonaro would despise Chavez in that case.

      • Okay, I should clarify that I compared Bolsonaro to Chavez because of the methods used to dispatch them and not because of their individual politics.

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