Cher Lashes Out At ‘AntiVaxxers’, Blames Them For Her ‘Major Bitch’ Case of Flu

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Singer Cher thinks GOP will destroy America the same way Hitler destroyed Germany

Cher has lashed out at “antivaxxers” on Twitter, admitting she hesitated to get a flu shot this year due to their “propaganda” and now she can’t stop coughing and her throat is on fire.

Unleashing a furious tweet in which she questioned “WTF is wrong with these ppl?,” Cher demanded that those who have information regarding the negative consequences of flu and Covid-19 vaccinations keep that information to themselves.

Twitter users were quick to reply to the Turn Back Time singer, lampooning her for her lack of self-awareness and declaring the tweet a “major self-own.”

The 76-year-old is a vaccine maximalist who funded a mobile Covid-19 vaccinations bus in New York City that administered Pfizer vaccines for free regardless of citizenship status or health insurance coverage.

“I feel so fortunate to be able to do my part to ensure access for the children and families in New York City – my second home – by going directly into the community in hopes it will encourage more New Yorkers to come on board and keep themselves and their neighbors safe,” Cher said in a statement last year.

“Dr. Redlener and I are grateful to partner with the city and Mayor de Blasio to provide this service at no cost to anyone and reach as many people as possible,” she added.

If Cher’s irate tweet is anything to go by, it appears she is having second thoughts about the efficacy of Big Pharma vaccines. Admitting that she was convinced not to get a flu vaccine and then hitting out at “anti-vaxxers” for her case of flu is a typical response by someone who is in the process of untangling the Big Pharma and mainstream media propaganda that we are bombarded with everyday.

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