Jeremy Corbyn Joins The Privy Council But was Too Busy To Meet The Queen

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Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn joins the Privy Council despite refusing to meet the Queen today

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn declined an invitation to a ceremony today to join the Privy Council.

The Labour leader was expected to be sworn in to the prestigious body, which involves kneeling in front of the monarch and kissing her hand while swearing an oath of allegiance.

Some reports indicated that Mr Corbyn was on holiday, though his spokesman said said he could not attend today due to a diary clash

However, Corbyn is due to be made a member of the advisory body to the Monarch Thursday afternoon, despite turning down the request to attend in person.

The Mail Online reports:

He could join through a mechanism called an order in council whereby the council agrees to appoint a member in absentia. This is used for leaders of Commonwealth countries.

Mr Corbyn would have to confirm he had taken the oath of allegiance but could avoid kneeling before the Queen.

He would be the first Leader of the Opposition not to carry out the traditional ceremony.

Tory MP Keith Simpson, a member since last year, told the Daily Telegraph: ‘It is a snub for the Queen in the sense that she is a constitutional monarch and she represents the constitutional way in which we do business.’

Another unnamed member of the council said: ‘Firstly it is deeply insulting and secondly it is not grown up – not to go to see the monarch is just extraordinary.’

Mr Corbyn’s spokesman said: ‘He was unable to come on that date due to a prior commitment, and he is going to be offered an invitation on another day.’

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