Taylor Swift ‘Murdered a Fan’ In Satanic Blood Ritual To Join Illuminati, Insider Claims

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Taylor Swift murdered a young fan in a Satanic blood sacrifice ritual, according to production staff from Swift's concert movie who allege the pop superstar was also forced by music industry Illuminati to drink the young boy's blood.

Taylor Swift murdered a young fan in a Satanic blood sacrifice ritual, according to production staff from Swift’s concert movie who allege the pop superstar was also forced by music industry Illuminati to drink the young boy’s blood.

‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ is a live portrait of the pop superstar at the top of her game – or at least it appears to be, with 10 acts spanning 169 minutes, countless hits, and seemingly endless wardrobe changes, the movie has grossed more than $260 million so far, making it the most lucrative concert film in history.

But in reality Swift was operating at close to breaking point, experiencing extreme pressure from the industry, and after breaking down she shared what she described as an “evil story” with staff, shocking those in attendance, including industry veterans who thought they had heard it all before.

It has long been claimed Hollywood stars and entertainment industry celebrities need to join the Illuminati to make it to the top of the industry, but few people outside of the Illuminati inner-circle truly understand what this means.

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While the world argues about whether Taylor Swift is psy-op being prepared to swing the election for Joe Biden in November, it’s worth remember she is not new to this game.

Back in 2009, Swift was initiated into the entertainment industry Illuminati as part of a televised occult mega-ritual known as the VMAs.

After she endured her ritualistic public “humiliation” at the hands of Kanye West during an acceptance speech, Swift re-emerged, dressed in red, as a new and consecrated artist.

But her public humiliation was not enough. She also had to undergo a blood sacrifice ritual to sell her soul to the elite.

According to production staff, it was at this time that Swift took the life of one of her young fans at an industry party, in a private room, surrounded by middle-aged industry executives who witnessed the act and later defiled the body after inviting Taylor to drink the boy’s blood.

This is when Swift’s work began to be tainted with the codes and symbolism of the occult elite.

Eight years later, at the 2017 VMAs, Taylor Swift premiered her new video Look What You Made Me Do. The message of the video could not be clearer: Taylor had matured into a full-fledged industry slave.

In one scene, Taylor is crowned a “high priestess” of the industry. How? By recreating the High Priestess tarot card.

Madonna was considered a High Priestess of the industry. It appears that Taylor Swift has now achieved this status as well.

To those “in the know”, this music video can be read as an MK Ultra-Symbolism 101 course

Those who rule the entertainment industry need to have this Monarch culture constantly at the forefront of popular culture.

If you’ve never heard of Monarch programming, a branch of the illegal CIA project MKULTRA, be sure to read this article.

The main goal of Monarch is to program slaves to have multiple personas that can be triggered at will. Beta Programming (also known as Sex Kitten programming) is used to create sex slaves to be trafficked in the shady elite underworld while brainwashing vulnerable members of society into selling their own souls to the dark prince.

Newsflash: The entertainment industry is full of Beta Kittens. And the elite brags about this in mass media using the likes of Taylor Swift whose music, videos, and live performances are laden far too many blatant occult references to mention in one video.

The end of the video depicts the death of the “old Taylor” and the birth of yet another mind-controlled persona.

Then Taylor says:

“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.”

“Why? Oh ’cause she’s dead!”

The video ends with Taylor Swift’s multiple MK-Monarch personalities arguing with each other.

Is the entertainment industry Illuminati using their mind-controlled slaves to openly promote occult spirituality as a viable religious choice for young people seeking spiritual guidance.

Ever since legendary blues musician Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil at midnight at a crossroads in Mississippi, artists have been admitting to their pacts with the devil, or as Bob Dylan calls him, the chief commander of this world and the world we can’t see.

Bob Dylan didn’t explain what kind of ritual he was forced to engage in to sell his soul. But the Taylor Swift allegations add to the wave of accusations made by celebrities and musicians about the real nature of the music and entertainment industry elite.

Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have both gone on record exposing the Satanic pedophilia at the dark heart of Hollywood.

According to Elijah Wood, innocent young lives are destroyed to satisfy “people with parasitic interests” who “see you as their prey.” In an interview with the Sunday Times, Wood dropped a series of bombshells about the pedophiles that run the industry, noting that “Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized.”

If you listen to the mainstream media, pedophilia is not a problem, and Satanism in the entertainment industry does not exist, and those who talk about such things are tinfoil hat wearing kooks spreading ‘fake news.’ But more and more stars are coming forward with similar stories about the depraved Hollywood and music industry system.

In 2017, Justin Bieber told hundreds of people at a Bible study class in Los Angeles that he had “woken up” to the “evils of the music industry” and he needed to take a break from the industry because it is “controlled by the absolute worst kind of people – pedophiles.”

Describing a party on tour – attended by the upper echelon of the music business, including executive VPs of development, producers, power agents and international financiers – Bieber said he was encouraged to sexually abuse a young child who had been bought to the party for the sexual gratification of the industry elite.

Bieber explained that it was made clear to him that he would gain entry to the “business side of the industry” if he “joined the club” by passing the initiation rites.

“I wouldn’t just be a performer, I’d be a mogul. It’s the difference between being a millionaire and being a billionaire.”

But Bieber told the congregation that he couldn’t do it.

“To join the club I’d have to do bad things to this poor kid. But then I realized that even that wasn’t enough for them. I’d also have to kill this little child.”

Bieber’s traumatic experience with industry elites sounds eerily familiar to the story shared by Swift’s production crew.

It’s also eerily similar to Hollywood actor and former child star Ricky Schroder’s warning about the pedophilia and occult rituals in the entertainment industry.

Even though the mainstream media won’t report on it, these disgusting child predators are so vile they simply must be exposed and put out of business.

Why won’t the media report on it? Hollywood producer John Paul Rice says the media have an agenda of silence because the leading six media organizations in the US are all complicit in child sex trafficking.

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