Megyn Kelly: ‘Moderna Threatened To Sue Me After I Exposed VAIDS Side Effects’

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Megyn Kelly says Moderna threatened to sue her after she revealed she had VAIDS following COVID jab.

Megyn Kelly claims she was threatened by Big Pharma giant Moderna after she publicized her VAIDS diagnosis following receiving the COVID booster.

Kelly last year declared she “regretted” receiving the experimental mRNA jab because it caused her to develop VAIDS.

“I regret getting the vaccine even though I’m a 52-year-old woman because I don’t think I needed it,” Kelly said during her podcast last year, adding she has since contracted COVID “many times.”

“For the first time, I tested positive for an autoimmune issue at my annual physical. And I went to the best rheumatologist in New York, and I asked her, do you think this could have to do with the fact that I got the damn booster and then got COVID within three weeks? And she said ‘yes.’ Yes. I wasn’t the only one she’d seen that with,” said Kelly.

The sharp decrease in immunity following vaccination is caused by “altered cytokine responses”. Cytokines are small proteins that are produced by our immune system in response to infection. The more jabs a person receives, the more depleted the immune system becomes, resulting in VAIDS. reports: A year later an investigation by Lee Fang found Kelly was targeted by Moderna’s “misinformation reporting system” over concerns her remarks would stoke “vaccine hesitancy.”

From Real Clear Investigations:

Moderna warned that such comments could “discourage people who are on the fence about getting vaccinated.” In its alert about Kelly, the company noted that her comments added to growing concern around autoimmune disorders and COVID-19 vaccinations. The Moderna misinformation email proceeded to offer data that appeared to reaffirm, rather than debunk, Kelly’s assertions. The alert concluded with a message about an NIH report that highlights a link between SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and inflammatory and autoimmune skin diseases. Moderna did not dispute the findings of the NIH study, but noted that it “is in rotation in anti-vaccine spaces online.”

“I got targeted by Moderna, who is very worried that this would add to the growing concern around autoimmune disorders following COVID-19 vaccinations,” Kelly said on her show Tuesday.

“Moderna was very, very upset, among other things, about the fact that I said on this show that after I had gotten my third Covid shot, my booster, which you needed in order to operate in New York to do anything, I developed a positive on an autoimmune test that my general practitioner gave me.”

Kelly noted how Moderna went after her despite acknowledging the COVID vaccine’s harmful side effects in its internal memos.

“Apparently, they attached internally a National Institutes of Health Report highlighting a link between the COVID vaccines and autoimmune issues,” she said.

“They’re admitting internally that it’s a problem, but they’re upset that I am talking about it and Alex Berenson, and Russell Brand, and Michael Shellenberger, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya are talking about it because they don’t want it discussed,” Kelly continued. “And the mainstream media outlets were only too happy to comply.”

“They [censored] without caring whether there was truth to it. They just didn’t like it,” she concluded. “That’s what’s led, in part, to the power and strength of outlets like ours.”

This revelation does indeed confirm the importance of independent media given the corporate media was all too enthusiastic to blindly defend Big Pharma’s experimental shots that have been shown to be ineffective and dangerous.

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