France Threaten To Cancel Presidential Elections

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France threaten to cancel next Presidential elections

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has announced that he may cancel the next French 2017 presidential elections due to the ongoing state of emergency in the country. 

Valls told the National Assembly that such drastic action needs to be taken due to the ongoing threat terrorists pose to France. reports:

The state has been already in effect after a range of terror acts in Winter, and it was expanded for half a year after the act of terror in Nice on July 14, when a French citizen killed 84 people.

The MPs got indignant at the time and Valls threatened to take tough actions against the deputies unless they stay calm, which is also envisioned by an emergency state.

One of the French MPs believes that such measure is aimed to block the National Front’s coming to power or any other right party in the country, which can immediately lead to mass riots and civil war, as well as further transfer of power to the military.