Pelosi Claims That Abortion On Demand Is “Freedom”

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Nancy Pelosi

House speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that nationwide abortion on demand is “freedom”.

During her weekly press conference on Thursday Pelosi told reporters: “this is something that is core to who we are, it’s about freedom, it’s about healthcare.”

Pelosi also remembered what a woman was when she declared that abortion on demand “is about respect for women. And that is something that the president is wedded to.”

As Summit news noted: It’s ironic that Pelosi mentions women when practically every person that the Democrats invite to testify in the House and Senate on abortion cannot define what a woman is and won’t even say the word.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris told a crowd they need to “build coalitions” to protect abortion on demand. She then added some of her usual bewildering word salad and laughed inanely:

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