Taliban Kills Pregnant Woman in Front of Kids & Husband During Door-to-Door Executions

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The Taliban murder pregnant woman in front of husband and kids during door-to-door executions

An 8-month pregnant mother has been executed by Taliban terrorists in her own home during new door-to-door executions in Afghanistan, according to reports.

Witnesses say Banu Negar was shot dead in front of her husband and child by a group of Taliban militants.

Negar, who worked in the local prison, was executed at her home in Firozkoh, the capital of central Ghor province, amid increasing violence following President Biden’s botched withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Speaking to the BBC, the Taliban promised to “investigate” the incident.

“We are aware of the incident and I am confirming that the Taliban have not killed her, our investigation is ongoing,” Spokesman Zabiullah Mujaheed said.

Dailymail.co.uk reports: He added the Taliban has announced an amnesty for people who worked for the former administration.

Mujaheed said her death was caused by ‘personal enmity or something else’.

Three gunmen arrived at the house and searched it before tying members of the family up and carrying out the killing.

Pictures have circulated online showing blood spattered walls in the house and her disfigured corpse.

The Taliban have been trying to project a more tolerant and moderate image of themselves since seizing power.

But a number of incidents of horrific violence have been reported in Afghanistan under the repressive regime.

Fighters have been seen going door to door hunting former members of the Afghan security forces and Western allies.


  1. Oddly enough that is what American soldiers did in the Middle East wars as well. Putting innocent civilians in prison, torturing them, raping children in from of their mothers. Raping virgins. Stealing for homes, separating families and they made their former beautiful lives a living Hell. No water, food, jobs, homes, families, limbs, lives, even gas=everything turned to bloody Hell. So, when Hell comes to America and you are all experiencing the same thing=WAR which is a luciferian satanic ritual that destroys the souls of all those who participate in that ritual=willingly and proudly, remember=Karma means literally Mirror, the mirror of the truth of what happened not the lies you believe happened. You can’t stop the truth. The truth will never die, it always comes out and when that truth is satanic and evil beyond comprehension, know that America will reap what they have sown, and the tables are about to turn. Maybe you can confess your sins, ask for mercy from God and it will be less, Mystery Babylon/America is about to Fall. I love America but since JFK was murdered by those who are now the NWO, so will go the entire rest of the world if they get their way. However, the martyrs of the evil bloody unconscionable Wars will be given Divine Justice in the end. They will inherit the earth, the meek and weak who you destroy and slaughtered will have Justice as it says in the Bible. Wonder why the Vets all commit suicide? Why they come home and still commit heinous crimes? Demonic possession happens when you Hate and when you torture and Kill and believe evil is good and good is evil. It is in no way pleasing to God. America has sinned against God=what you have done to the least off these, you have done to me. All that War & bloodshed has consecrated America to Lucifer. That is why it happened. Why you all went along with it is the question. Why did the soldiers Mock, torture, and crucify Jesus and love every minute of it??? Nothing has changed since.

  2. How is it that western news agents always know exactly what happened down to the tiniest detail in some tiny town far, so far away from their biscuits and tea?


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