Thank God We Have A President Who Is ‘Proud To Be American’ Says Chelsea Clinton

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Chelsea Clinton

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton has given thanks to God for having a president who is ‘proud to be an American’

Appearing on ABC’s “The View” to talk about Joe Bidens first State of The Union addess, Clinton said that her reaction was to thank God for his pride in America.

Brietbart reports: Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “You were talking about the State of the Union recently. What did you think about the speech? I think something that most people don’t talk about because I mentioned it to my producers, you studied at Oxford, international relations. What did you think about the speech?”

Clinton said, “For the president, my main feeling and this is really what I felt watching, you know, in my living room here in New York City, is he’s so proud to be an American. And he wants what’s best for our country. And after the last administration, just that feeling of, like, oh, God, like, thank you. Thank you for that pride. I felt included in that pride, and it was so palpable.”

She continued, “Also, my husband’s father’s family is Ukrainian. They were Ukrainian-Jewish refugees. My husband grew up with the stories of his father fleeing, and we like so many families with young children, are trying to figure out how to talk about what’s happening in our country right now and in our world right now. So listening to that speech, that sense of pride, and that sense of, you know, I can tell my children, as worried as we are, we are in safe hands. We are in safe hands.”


  1. What she is really saying is thank god we have a roman Catholic President That’s why she’s a democrat, because the party is run by Catholics. And actually there’s a lot hidden there First they are the roman Catholic Church, and the switch to pretending that have always been just the Catholic Church is a lie They have always been the Roman Catholic Church Second a city needs to be of at least 100 000 people to legally be a City The Vatican is 4000 people It is not legally a city. Third the Jesuits are 18000 people and the Vatican 4000 people A total of 22000 people that basically rule the world through ruling the law. There is nothing democratic about that At all.

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