POTUS Alerts 300 Million Americans: ‘a Coup Is Taking Place Before Our Very Eyes’

Fact checked
President Trump says a coup is taking place before our very eyes

President Trump sent out an alert Thursday, warning 300 million Americans that a coup is taking place by the Deep State.

“People are upset, and they have a right to be,” POTUS tweeted, in reference to the 2020 election being stolen by Biden and his Democratic goons.

“The fact that our Country is being stolen. A coup is taking place in front of our eyes, and the public can’t take this anymore,” Trump continued.


Thegatewaypundit.com reports: We’ve reported how Americans across the country, Republicans and Democrats, young and old are talking about how the 2020 election is being stolen by Joe Biden.  Americans are rising up.


  1. Look Lyndon La Rouche was explaining the whole thing twenty years ago .Its not new This is the final run for them They’re almost at the finish line and if Biden gets in then that CLASS will have won .

  2. … I am not sure exactly but I get this feeling that there are many patriots that are willing to stand by and stand ready should the need arise in defense of the Republic. Am I wrong?

    • “Am I wrong?”

      On the contrary…. I think We The People are ready to do what our lying gov reps have not been willing to do. Clean House!

    • I agree wholeheartedly. I read there are 75 million patriots ready to go, don’t know if it’s true but if each state has 1.5 mil
      patriots, it means we already have won.

    • Yes your wrong There are Patriots but they wont do anything as violent as rhe mad demicrats will and the Supremes know ot ” democracy is the most bloodthirsty form of government the world has ever seen ” Ben Franjlin And rhe current american mob of them are drug damaged crack heads coke freaks pit heads snack addicts as well as the traditional drunken e raged u educated deorables they always were and directed by the same vile leadership of twisted manipulators and psychopaths who will do anything for their own greed and lust for power at any price .The original Roman republicans were like that and that led to the corrupt monarchies that fell away from christian principles and became Mayerialists causing their own destruction BUT only because they’re nations were infiltrated by even greedie and more dangerous despots in disguise as caring and sharing mobsters called Democrats.

  3. The Supremes threw Texas out telling them they had no right to be in their Court and they arent going to listen to the claims The electoral college will meet on Monday ..Whose the King of the Castle and whose the dirty rascal

    • And just look at their profiles Holy Cross college Magdalene College Oxford Uni etcetera etcetera .All the usual suspects.

  4. Rhe coup took pla e when Kenbwdy became President He was assassinated for multiple actions which ultimately all reflected one thing His putting the Constitution before his Catholic obligations .The xoyo took place when he win tbe election ,by a people who neglected the importance if George Washingtons warning about who the real threat to American democracy and global democracy is .Its like the while nations fill of slow learners or dimwits Must e the success of ” education ” and ” entertainment” as combined weapons of destruction of the american intellect .

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