Trans Horror Author Threatens To Slit JK Rowling’s Throat

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Trans horror author and JK Rowling

A renowned transgender horror author who signed a letter last week condemning The New York Times’s recent coverage of transgender issues, has threatened to slit J.K. Rowling‘s throat.

Gretchen Felker-Martin who identifies as a “trans dyke“, lashed out at the Harry Potter author as well as journalists Helen Joyce and Jesse Singal in a since-deleted series of tweets blaming them for the murder of a 16-year-old transgender person in Britain.

Accusing them of transphobia, the author also tweeted: ‘If they all had one throat, man”

The Mail Online reports: She had earlier decried the murder of British transgender teenager Brianna Ghey 16, and suggested Rowling and her ilk had stoked violence which led to the killing. Cops have yet to share a possible motive for the murder, which has seen two 15 year-olds arrested.

Another writer she railed against, journalist Jesse Singal, condemned Felker-Martin for making the death threat, and said she has a long history of making threats of violence.

In Felker-Martin’s debut novel, Manhunt, published in February 2022, Rowling is murdered by being burned alive.

The book is promoted as ‘an explosive post-apocalyptic novel that follows trans women and trans men on a grotesque journey of survival.’ It has been lauded as ‘visceral’ ‘gripping’ and ‘brilliant’ by NPR and the New Yorker.

The book is promoted as ‘an explosive post-apocalyptic novel that follows trans women and trans men on a grotesque journey of survival.’ It has been lauded as ‘visceral’ ‘gripping’ and ‘brilliant’ by NPR and the New Yorker.

Felker-Martin’s tweet – which she has now deleted – came shortly before she joined 180 activists in signing a letter to the Times attacking their recent coverage of transgender issues, which has seen the paper examine whether young children should be given puberty blockers, or gender reassignment surgery.

Rowling has shared similar views, and also questioned whether trans women should be allowed access to some female-only spaces such as prisons, domestic abuse shelters, or sporting contests.  

Singal, one of the authors Felker-Martin singled out in her death threat tweet, said he was appalled at her rhetoric, and warned it could translate to real world violence.

Singal found himself on the ‘hit list’ of aggressive transgender activists after he wrote a story in The Atlantic in 2018 discussing gender reassignment therapy for children.

The story – headlined: ‘When Children Say They Are Trans: Hormones? Surgery? The choices are fraught—and there are no easy answers’ – has made him, like Rowling, a figure of hate for the activists


  1. Well who cares she stole the idea from the worst witch book series of the 70ies and made a gender swap, Hagrid is her horrible interpretation of the man in the mountains. The glorified author is a fraud.

    • My comment was about the worst witch series she literally stole her idea, mean potions teacher is female in worst witch as the headmaster the little witch Mildred Hoppel she changed all to male in her copycat. You can research yourself. Harry Potter books are stolen ideas mostly.

  2. I thought HATE SPEECH wasn’t allowed and a criminal offense??

    Why is this obviously dangerous nutcase and gender-impossibility not in jail!?

    • All transgenders are dangerous people, they are all psychopaths, two steps away from being murders, or child molesters.

  3. Doe’s being a lowlife lesbian woman playing the role of a man with no penis having deviant sex with another women fit into the transgender category of loons now?

  4. It’s totally OK for the Jews’ protected WHACKOS
    to threaten to kill Humans!
    But if a Human says one unkind word about the
    Jews or their Whackos, it’s “off to the Gulag!”

    If you think that’s just fine and dandy,
    keep on licking their anuses!
    If you think it’s disgusting Nazism – start fighting back!
    You’re welcome to join me anytime!

    • No, if Rowling had a boyfriend or husband with any kind of testicles, the old queer would be dead.

  5. does anyone remember just a few months ago, when in the UK a senior Cabinet minister made an off-the-cuff remark about telling someone, “Go cut your throat,” and he was shamed and belittled in public for saying something that was part of a silly argument. he eventually had to leave due to this.
    …But, when a trans whatever you call it, openly announces his/her/whatever intentions to slit someone’s throat and suddenly…nothing…. how corrupt…… disgusting

  6. transgender issues are not our issues. they are the transgender issues.
    I have issues, and no one makes way for my issues, I have to deal with them myself, just like the rest of us.
    I didnt sign up to deal with an insane person that cuts into their genitals. No, I did not sign up for that, and nor will I ever. I will give them a ride to the insane asylum, as long as they sit in the trunk with and cuffs on, beyond that, I am out.

    • I start to believe there are other reasons they push this, sperm counts go down in industrial countries, male genital defects that where rare increase, so they try to avoid cause be mentioned and destract, the pesticides and hormones in food and phthalate from plastics, may be more reasonable reasons why children think they are different, as the hormones should not be there till puberty produces them. A boy or girl till puberty, should have the same brain capabilities and therefore no logic to want to change their gender, as hormones would not be there.

  7. If the LGBT freak show isn’t stopped they won’t stop. Think how bad it will be with them wicked bastards still in control in ten years.

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