Teacher Fired For Refusing To Hide Kids’ Gender Transitions & Preferred Pronouns From Parents

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Teacher Jessica Tapia

A teacher has revealed that she was fired for refusing to hide children’s “gender transitions” and “preferred pronouns” from their parents.

In an interview with Fox News Digital this week, Jessica Tapia said that not telling the parents would have been going against her Christian faith.

Tapia, who had been a physical education teacher at the Jurupa Valley High School, said it was school policy for teachers to conceal children’s “gender transitions” and “preferred pronouns” from their parents.

But this left her with a moral dilemma, whether to abide by the school’s immoral code or stay true to her faith.

Tapia also went against district policy by refusing to allow “male genitals” in the girls’ locker room.

Fox News reports: A California teacher, who lost her job after refusing to comply with a California district’s gender policies, citing Christian beliefs, is blowing the whistle on the expectations she felt as a teacher to not only hide students’ gender transitions from parents, but also to keep them in the dark through lying. 

“I knew immediately, like in my gut, in my heart, in my soul, that there was a decision I had to make because, you know, these two things were totally butting heads,” Jessica Tapia, who worked at the Jurupa Unified School District, told Fox News Digital. “I essentially had to pick one. Am I going to obey the district in the directive that are not lining up with… my own beliefs, convictions and faith? Or am I going to stay true…, choose my faith, choose to be obedient to… the way the Lord has called me to live. And so it was crazy to be in the position where I realized that I couldn’t be a Christian and a teacher.”

In a notice under Superintendent Trenton Hansen’s letterhead, reviewed by Fox News Digital, the district said they couldn’t accommodate Tapia’s Christian beliefs which prohibited her from withholding information on gender transitions from kids’ parents

“Consequentially, the District will release you from your employment effective at the end of the day on January 31, 2023,” the notice said. 

“Based on your religious beliefs, you cannot be dishonest with parents… If asked about a student’s gender identity by a parent, you cannot refer the parent to a counselor, defer the inquiry and suggest they speak with a student…, or otherwise deflect the parent’s inquiry,” the letter, signed by assistant superintendent of human resources, Daniel Brooks, said.

“The district cannot accommodate your religious beliefs that… prohibit you from maintaining a student’s gender identity and refraining from disclosing a student’s gender identity from his/her/their parent(s)/guardians,” it continued. 


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  5. Jessica showed great courage in doing this. If I was a school administrator looking for a good teacher I would hire her on the spot.

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