Israel To Drop Covid Vaccine ‘Green Pass’

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Israel's green pass

The Israeli prime minister has announced that the covid vaccine ‘green pass’ system is about to be scrapped citing a drop in covid cases as the reason to end restrictions

He claimed that the vaccine pass will no longer be needed as officials point to a significant decline in severecovid cases and an end to the Omicron surge.

The decision to abolish the pass came just two days after thousands poured into Jerusalem to demand an end to the country’s Covid restrictions.

RT reports: Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced the move on Thursday, declaring that “the wave of the Omicron has broken” and that there is now a “sharp drop” in the number of serious infections.

“Earlier today I had a discussion with the Minister of Health and other officials. We will stop using the green pass,” he said in a statement, adding that additional measures would be relaxed “in the coming days.”

In effect for much of the past year, the pass system required Israelis to show proof of vaccination in order to enter a long list of indoor public spaces, including bars, hotels, restaurants, gyms and even places of worship.

During a meeting on the future of Israel’s pandemic response held earlier on Thursday, Bennett called for a gradual easing of restrictions, reiterating that the coronavirus Omicron variant had reached its peak in the country. While the green pass will be phased out entirely by March 1, those entering nursing homes and other high-risk facilities will still be required to test negative for the virus, according to the Jerusalem Post.


  1. From the numbers coming out of Israel it could be said the COVID Vaccine cards or passes are in fact warning labels.

  2. Is this the same Israel that had an explosion of hospitalizations for vaccinated people? That Israel?

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