Bill de Blasio: Trump WON’T Be Welcome in New York After Presidency

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New York mayor Bill de Blasio says Trump will not be welcome to New York City after presidency

Mayor Bill de Blasio says Donald Trump will not be allowed back into New York City after his presidency is over.

At a BuzzFeed event Thursday with Editor in Chief Ben Smith, de Blasio blasted Trump, challenging him to come to New York City and debate him about what is best for the city.

“I challenge you, Donald Trump, to come to New York City, and I will debate you about what’s right for New York City,” de Blasio boasted.

“And BuzzFeed can host it! Because he doesn’t understand New York City,” de Blasio continued.

“And when his presidency is over, really soon, he will not be welcome back in New York City!”


Trump and de Blasio have constantly criticized each other. In May, Trump blasted the 2020 presidential candidate in a Thursday morning tweet, calling him “the worst mayor in the U.S,” adding “if you like high taxes & crime, he’s your man. NYC HATES HIM!”

De Blasio became the 23rd Democrat to run for president, officially launching his campaign in late May.

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