ISIS Militant Caught Attending Anti-Trump Protest

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ISIS militants attend anti-Trump protests in America

An ISIS militant was caught joining in with anti-Trump protestors in Washington DC this week, proudly carrying a photo of an ISIS flag and displaying a beheading video on his phone. 

Images taken during the violent riots in the Capitol this week show a person dressed in ISIS attire attempting to threaten and intimidate Trump supporters – while protestors and police do nothing to stop him. reports:

The individual who took the photos of the protester sent them to Infowars.

He said he was inside the Proper 21 sports bar in northwest Washington when the protester approached the glass window.


“A man outside in a partial black mask held up an ISIS flag on his phone he was showing people inside through the glass (mainly Trump supporters),” the source tells us.

“He pointed both fingers to his eyes and then to those watching him,” said the eyewitness, adding, “We alerted security at the bar but do not think anything was done. He returned to show a video of an ISIS beheading as if to taunt those inside.”


The individual said that he had also filed an online FBI report about the incident.

The photos clearly show that the protester is displaying an ISIS flag on his phone as well as what appears to be an ISIS propaganda video.


The fact that social justice warriors are now using ISIS propaganda in an effort to intimidate their political adversaries is interesting given that ISIS has written in its own manifesto of plans to recruit members of the far-left since both groups broadly share the same goals.

Entitled Black Flags from Rome, the December 2015 manifesto includes a section called European Muslims Allying With Left Wing Activists which states that jihadists and left-wingers “will start to work together in small cells of groups to fight and sabotage against the financial elite.”


It appears as though at least some members of Antifa, the anarchist/communist group that caused mayhem in DC yesterday, are open to that possibility.


  1. WOW… I’m against human and animal abuse, Zionism and Austerity measures…and certainly the Rothschild bankers… holy shit.. but Im no left wing communist/neo-feminist/abortionist/Obama drone bomber/Hillary mass murderer supporter pedophile bitch….. I’m also borderline Anarchist but believe the population is not spiritually evolved or civilized enough for true Anarchy and for this time in history the US Constitution must rule. THE CONFUSION AND NAME CALLING IS FUCKING DISTURBING!

  2. So “The National Network For Arab American Communities” funded the pro-abortion March in whole or part? Soros also..

    Muslims love to see non-Muslims abort their babies.

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