Elon Musk: 99.9% Of Media Is Owned By The ‘New World Order’

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Elon Musk says most of the worlds media is controlled by the New World Order

Elon Musk recently posted a series of Tweets pointing out that the ‘New World Order’ control and influence 99.9% of the mainstream media. 

The billionaire Tesla founder lifted the lid on how mainstream media journalists sugarcoat lies to “get max clicks and earn advertising dollars” for their globalist overlords. Musk was unforgiving towards the media, calling them hypocrites and pointing out that the public no longer trusts them.

Musk says he wants ordinary citizens to ‘wake up’ and realize who really owns the media they are forced to consume.

Thefreethoughtproject.com reports: He said that he doesn’t advertise for Tesla, his electric car company, which means that he contributes no money to the media, who depend on advertising dollars to stay in business.

On the other hand, the traditional auto industry and fossil fuel companies are among the world’s largest advertisers, meaning that they are one of the primary industries keeping the mainstream media in business. When it comes time to cover a story that involves these industries, journalists, and media organizations have an obvious bias and conflict of interest that will influence their coverage of the story even if they were not given explicit orders to create propaganda.

“The holier-than-thou hypocrisy of big media companies who lay claim to the truth, but publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie, is why the public no longer respects them. Problem is journos are under constant pressure to get max clicks & earn advertising dollars or get fired. Tricky situation, as Tesla doesn’t advertise, but fossil fuel companies & gas/diesel car companies are among world’s biggest advertisers,” Musk said.

One of the dark secrets of the advertising industry is the fact that commercials are not always intended to sell something, but are sometimes an undercover bribe, which corporations use to control the narrative on the sponsored news sources. An obvious example of this is how military arms suppliers like Boeing or Lockheed Martin will advertise on major networks despite the fact that their products are not available for sale to the people watching the advertisements.

It is no coincidence that international stories are covered with a pro-war slant on every major media platform when the arms dealers are advertising on each one—in fact, that is the very reason they advertise. The same goes for recruitment ads for the military, these serve the double purpose of recruiting and also controlling the narrative of the media outlet by becoming their sponsor.

Next, Musk announced that he was planning on creating his own media ranking website that would rate the credibility of journalists by crowdsourcing reviews from readers. He also put up a poll asking his followers if it would be a good idea, or gave the sarcastic option of “no, media are awesome.”

Musk suggested that he would call his site “Pravda,” and while it would seem that these were thoughts coming off the top of his head, one Twitter follower pointed out that one of Musk’s agents “incorporated Pravda Corp in California” in October 2017.

As opposed to centralized fact-checking sites like Snopes or Politifact, which have an obvious bias, a site that allowed the public to decide who they trusted could be an interesting way to rate journalists. Of course, any type of rating system is dependant upon the opinions of the masses, which can sometimes be wrong, and are almost always controversial. However, this seems to be the best model that has been proposed thus far, and it does not seem to favor the mainstream media as other popular “fact checkers” do.


  1. i find it almost unfathomable to suggest that he is in a position to really challenge the one per cent , or would be naive enough to think he could .So the conclusion from any english deduction Dr Watson is ——obvious?

    • He has already challenged the one percent by just speaking about this. There are millions of us who already know PART of this and the word is spreading.

      • The ‘word’ is more controlled than you could ever imagine. look up Bataillon soixante dix sept, translate it first.

      • Well, Scottish socialist utopian philanphropist, it is actually more like 0.001percent. If you do not have a contact in the White house you probably do not qualify. I wrote a piece about your namesake in an essay once. Loved history.

  2. Musk is using the tax money taken from Americans without permission and then criticizes the system??

    Use your OWN MONEY and then preach all you want.

  3. He forgets to mention that he is one of the higher ranks of that new world order, and is working towards the UN global communist green utopia with his batteries for smart cities and e-car charging – so on. Taking nations taxes (actually loans from the IMF, increasing national debt – just about all the collected taxes go to the cental banks) from nations to do it. Impoverishing pensions, and childhoods of NATIVES only of those countries.

  4. musk is no different from the rest of them.. he is a fuckwit.. and he is a tool of satan… enough said….. he wanna be careful shooting his mouth off… he will end up in a ditch .. belly up..

  5. The American Voter is the New World Order now.
    Globalists have lost.
    Musk is a true patriot who knows what it takes to win against the persistent evil of the Old World Order
    The American Voter and Musk are one and the same.
    Make America Great.

  6. .
    What will you do?
    There’s a war coming
    Those who have created it
    Have their reasons for doing so
    The reasons they’re fighting it
    Our reasons
    For fighting
    Are not the same as theirs
    Our are reason is deciding, what kind of country we want.
    Do we want the socialist style of country that liberals and ndp are dead set on creating and that the conservatives seem unwilling to truly fight against,
    or perhaps the Islamic controlled world that also looms on the horizon,
    or perhaps we want the greed via corporate dominion world that the conglomerate world bank has looming on the horizon.
    Is there another choice????
    What do you want your family, your community, your larger community, your country, your world to be like?
    What do you want your soul to look like????
    Figure out what it is you want and be ready to defend it.
    We can’t stop the war that’s coming.
    Do you know what you believe in?
    What are your feet planted on?
    Where do you stand?
    What does that mean?
    What will you do?

    • umm what will I do?…….well I will take what I need from those I despise I guess.. what else can you do…. we are about to face the biggest economic and social collapse in recorded history.. its every man for himself… Catch and Kill your own.. I am going to be very very busy… lol.. remember…NOT EVERYBODY LOSES IN A WAR……

  7. The danger is not from the news that the MSM gives you , it’s from the news they withold from you with mediawide blackouts while they encourage their minions to belittle and make fun of alternate sources, or by telling you a story while conveniently leaving out important facts, otherwise known as a half truth. For example:the mainstream media will tell you that several members of the Trump Administration have been indicted by Robert Mueller’s investigation, but what they fail to tell you is they were indicted for crimes they committed before they worked for the Trump Administration

  8. I have always told my friends that Big Business controls the government, and that goes for the media as well. The people who own all that are mostly nameless, but they are some of the richest people in the world. Notice that I didn’t say country, because i couldn;’t be sure that some of the control doesn’t comes from outside our borders. There is nothing we can do about it because it has been this way for a very long time. If we get more intune with what is really going on, and disorder occurs, don’t bet that the people who control our government wouldn’t get the military involed in keepingh us in line.

  9. Elon, you would have a very difficult time convincing me your are not part of the evil NWO/OWO mechanism, you certainly are an Idealist Elitist and as far as I am concerned they are all part of the Globalist/NWO/OWO effort to enslave the vast majority of the world population.

  10. Having billionaire Musk on our side in the fight against globalist forces and the propaganda outlets that masquerade as mainstream news could be a game changer. We all saw how they both supported an mentally declining senior citizen who shamelessly took millions from adversaries for access in this recent election, refusing to even ask about him using his druggie son as bagman for questionable foreign money… maybe Musk will start an investigative news outlet that will go after our corrupt politicians and bring down the temple on their heads.

    It would be… biblical.

    All I know is that it looks like they carried Senile Joe over the finish line. Great, we will have a POTUS who has increasing dementia, who is compromised by Communist China, and he is the guy who is supposed to protect us in the USA?

    Is this an episode of the Twilight Zone?

    • Obama never quit. That is why he stayed in his 8 million dollar house in DC with his right arm assistant Valeri Jarrett. Most of Obama’s administration will come out of hiding and into the public to further their New World Order.

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