Israeli Forces Shoot Deaf Palestinian Woman Who Could Not Hear Their Calls To Stop

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Israeli police have shot and injured a deaf Palestinian woman in East Jerusalem on Sunday over her alleged refusal to heed calls to stop.

According to an Israeli police statement border police forces shot at woman’s her legs after she approached them and did not obey their calls to stop.

Press TV reports: Palestinians said the woman is deaf, that is why she didn’t respond.

A video of the incident showed the woman was shot along the light rail tracks.

“A short while ago a suspect approached by foot along the train tracks from the area of Beit Hanina toward Pisgat Ze’ev, and was noticed by civilians and security guards who alerted Border Police soldiers who were nearby,” Israel’s police said in a statement on Sunday night.

“The woman,” the statement added, “was fully clothed in black attire that also covered her face.”

According to the statement, policemen shot the woman after she allegedly ignored police calls, suspecting she was carrying an explosive device.

Police later found that the woman was not carrying any weapons. She was transferred to a hospital with injuries to her legs.

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