David Icke Turns On Alex Jones: ‘He’s a New World Order Shill’

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David Icke calls Alex Jones a 'New World Order' shill.

British Conspiracy author David Icke has issued a scathing attack against Alex Jones following his reinstatement on Twitter/X, calling the InfoWars founder a stooge for the New World Order.

As mainstream media outlets and advertisers threatened to boycott X following Jones’ reinstatement, David Icke joined the pile-on by suggesting that Jones is secretly colluding with the cabal to distract attention away from the “real conspiracy theories” that Icke talks about.

“You are being had, people, but most will never get that,” Icke posted on X, claiming that Jones’ reinstatement is part of some grand conspiracy.

“Musk could have simply done this long ago, but the ritual had to be played out to both eulogize Musk, the new MAM God, and to put Alex Jones center stage as a symbol of the Mainstream Alternative Media alongside Musk, Carlson, Rogan, Tate, Peterson, Brand, Vlaardingerbroek, and all the rest.”

“They may each have useful things to say about some ‘dots’ but they stand as a collective blockade to the deep levels of the rabbit hole within which their ‘dots’ are mere symptoms, not the cause,” the conspiracy theoretician added.

It’s a salty take, given that Icke has used Alex Jones’ giant platform to promote his talks and books over the last few decades.

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Many on Twitter were quick to point out that Icke appeared to be lashing out at Jones because he was secretly jealous of all the attention his former friend was receiving:

Modernity.news reports: Icke’s efforts to out Musk as some kind of evil genius also seems a bit questionable given that he is almost certainly making a living through X and paying for the service. If he believes Musk is so bad, why is Icke paying him a monthly subscription? Surely that would be the first thing you’d stop doing. You don’t need verification on X to use it. You only need it in order to monetise your account.

Just saying, David. Maybe just take the W.

Jones was reinstated following his viral interview with Tucker Carlson earlier in the week. Elon Musk announced he would hold a poll and put it to the people as to whether the Infowars host should return, despite the fact that he previously vowed to never let Jones come back.

The people overwhelmingly decided he should.

Jones is set to appear in an interview imminently on X:

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