Parents Furious At Graphic Descriptions Of Sex In Book Aimed At Children As Young As 4

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Parent have voiced their outrage at a ‘disgusting’ children’s picture book for children as young as four which features graphic descriptions of sex.

The book by author Dagmar Geisler entitled My Body is Growing, is aimed at kids between four and eight years old, but includes information that has infuriated parents.

The book, with its vivid descriptions of what happens when people have sex, also ‘teaches’ about different forms of contraception, including birth control pills and the coil.

The book discusses spraying semen into a woman’s vagina.

The Sun reports: Hundreds of furious parents have now hit out at the writer on social media after extracts of the book were shared online.

One passage, which shows a couple in bed together, was widely shared. It reads: “They snuggle together for a long time.

“They kiss each other all over their bodies. Behind the ears, on the neck, on the chest and stomach, even on the bum and between the legs.”

The author then talks about sex, writing: “That feels great for both of them.”

One parent from Bristol called the book “disgusting”.

“This book is made for four- to eight-year-old kids,” they wrote on Twitter.

“They’re grooming our children and no one is talking about it or even trying to do anything about it.

“I bet they show this stuff in school. This is how they destroy a whole society.”

Another replied to say they’d be contacting their child’s school and asking if the book was in the library.

A third said: “Disgusting. If I got that sent home it would be ‘lost’.

“I would offer to pay for a more appropriate one. FFS!”

One user said children should be able to wait until they’re older to find out more about the birds and the bees.

“Why the hell can’t kids just grow up in their own time instead of having stuff like this forced upon them from such an early age?” they wrote.

“Although a certain culture encourages this behaviour, innocence is non-existent nowadays.

“Leave it ’til at least high school age.”

A blurb of the short book on Amazon reads: “In My Body is Growing, Dagmar Geisler works to show preschool and early elementary readers that we’re really not all that different, regardless of whether we’re boys or girls.

“Though we may all seem similar on the outside, we are each our own person on the inside.

“At this age, our bodies and our minds are changing – we’re growing up!”


  1. All I can say is this is sick! Children shouldn’t be subjected to such trash!

  2. And then the law says 16 and 17 year olds are just little children who need protecting from predators and sexual perverts. They’re all mental as anything Kids all know how to play doctors and nurses and DIY sex education They don’t need to read crappy books by crappy arse wipes.

  3. People should never be allowed to find out about sex, that’s clear. Sex should never be brought up in conversation or taught in school, or information about it be available to anyone under any condition, not even to doctors, it’s so filthy, shocking, and disgusting. Every newborn boy’s penis should be concealed behind piece of absorbent paper and him never find out he has one. And if he ever discovers it he should not be allowed to know its purpose or that it gets hard or anything like that. Girls should be forbidden to look at themselves below their chins. People’s clothes should be designed to conceal everything but their heads, fingers, and toes, unless they are government officials or trying to become one, in which case they should be required to show them and share them with everyone, and anybody over the age of twenty five should be fined twenty million dollars and put in jail if they even so much as say the words ‘butt’, ‘mouth’, ‘tinkle’, ‘poop’, or ‘wide awake’. No college education should ever contain any word longer than six letters, and sarcasm should be made the language of the land.

  4. Whoever is allowing this in the schools need to be removed–this trash seem to be everywhere so we know many have to be involved.

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