Democrats Pass Domestic Terrorism Bill to Use the FBI to Silence Conservatives Who Disagree with Them

Fact checked
Democrats pass bill to allow FBI to target Conservatives

House Democrats on Wednesday passed a Domestic terrorism bill allowing them to use the FBI to silence conservatives and anybody who disagrees with the Biden regime.

Democrats used the mass shooting by a far-left activist on Saturday in Buffalo, New York to justify the legislation that will allow the FBI to spy on and harass American conservative and critics of their far-left agenda.

The bill passed 222 to 203 with Adam Kinzinger making the rounds viciously attacking Republicans after the bill passed.

Tucker Carlson discussed the new legislation on yesterday’s show:


  1. The night of the long knifes Evil is as evil does. They’ll have to get new uniforms Black with skull and bones emblems to match the Democrats underbelly

  2. Nana Yanjabichs replacements are very strong in censorship of disagreeable information Kerchiefs ?and his wife moryl are both hard core Jesuit Georgetown university devotees She’s been a proff there and director of some programming operation or something even years ago ,very prominent and if course rhats where the whole Patriot Act was created that enables DHS to act as a military /Jesuit civil war operation against American civilians and even any heretical military insubordinates

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