Buffalo Killer Exposed As Far-Left Activist Who Wanted ‘Justice for Ukraine’ – Hated Those Opposed to War – Media Blackout

Fact checked
Buffalo shooter is a far-left activist who supported Ukraine war

Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron is a far-left activist who vowed to ‘seek justice for Ukraine’ and expressed hatred for conservatives opposed to war, according to his leaked manifesto.

The published manifesto shows support for the same symbols used by the Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine. The shooter also expressed hatred for Americans opposed to US military involvement in the Ukraine conflict in his manifesto.

In other words, Payton Gendron supports the far-left globalist agenda in Ukraine and sympathises with the neo-nazi groups Russia is trying to fight.

The shooter also hates Fox News, which is the opposite of what the mainstream media is currently reporting.

“On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category…” Gendron wrote in his manifesto.


Quotes from Buffalo Shooter Payton Gendron’s Manifesto

When talking about his political affiliation in his manifesto Peyton Gendron wrote:

“When I was 12 I was deep into communist ideology, talk to anyone from my old high school and ask about me and you will hear that. From age 15 to 18 however, I consistently moved farther to the right. On the political compass I fall in the mildmoderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist.”

When discussing the type of people he supports he wrote:

“I support many of those that take a stand against ethnic and cultural genocide. Brenton Tarrant, Patrick Crusius, John Earnest, Robert Bowers, Phillip Manshaus, Luca Traini, Anders Breivik, Dylann Roof, Anton Lundin Pettersson, Darren Osbourne etc. I have never had any connections with other confirmed partisans though”.

When discussing if he was expecting to be alive in prison he said:

“Yes, I do wish to see how the world plays out after all. If I become old in the same prison. I would only assume that we have passed the point of no return and will die out, and that I have failed. If we do rise up against the replacers, I expect that I will be let out and honored amongst my people”.

A picture captured from Buffalo Tops Friendly Market mass shooting livestream revealed that Payton Gendron had Waukesha Parade victims written on his gun.


  1. Peyton s Irish and means noble and Gedrons French meaning, heir to family estates. So his parents are screwed up His dad’s really got a weird sort of sentiment in his eyes, creepy, really Quite scary actually. So no surprise the kids whacko.

    • The Dimunists lie even when telling the truth would better suffice. They are criminals….period.

    • Huge passages are copy-pasted from the Christchurch manifesto. The “I expect to be released and upheld as a hero within my lifetime” bit quoted above is also paraphrased from the Christchurch manifesto. Other sections of the Christchurch manifesto are imitated, such as the Q&A section. It’s basically the Christchurch manifesto reworked to replace the hatefacts about Muslim migrants with hatefacts about blacks and jews.

      • Nazi propagandas. Straight from Hitlers white supremacist Catholic ideology. I’d bet his family are old school Catholics from centuries. Irusg French background, the noble heir to family estates meaning if their name his name all together with his nazi ism and the look of his gran and even his aryan super mum blonde, maybe bottled, image.

    • you seriously hijacked my exact comment. It was a CIA drone that did this, same type the shot reagan, john lennon, and that arizona senator, and the aurora theater shooting.

    • No, his family are the guilty His parenting has made him His mum was is very involved in the school and pta activities and his gran from his dad’s side by the looks is typical nazi style old school.

  2. Why are you spreading misinformation, just to fit your f**ked up narrative? We all know this was a white-supremacist, right-wing, hate driven attack.

  3. Why are you spreading misinformation to fit your narrative? We all know this was a white supremacist, right-wing, hate driven attack.

  4. When they say “this person has been on the FBI radar for some time as a possible terrorist, they really mean, we have been grooming this person for quite some time to carry out our plans for terrorism that will deliver us our real agenda, disarming america before ww3 hits. They carefully train and groom useful idiots and use scopolamine, until they can become truly useful.

  5. As usual nothing in the media or from authorities, including all this above, is to be believed.

    You have to work out the truth by looking for double standards and inconsistencies. For instance, we were told Darrel Brooks wasn’t a terrorist because he “acted alone”. Yet we’re told that this guy is a terrorist.

    All we’ll ever be told is lies and propaganda. The only fact we can be sure of is that those with power and wealth will use the sad death of victims for their own purposes.

    • Real or fabricated every assault on peace and cooperation is used as a tool of partisanship. Reason is is the second casualty after truth in these wars.

  6. What does hating anti-nazi’s and anti-war proponents have to do with black people? Absolutely nothin’. These people just sunk their entire operation. And Ukraine wins Eurovision, again. No one gives a flying shit. So whose kid is this anyway?

  7. The kid was some kind of Antifa recruit, mind-washed and trained by the military, either here or in Ukraine. His criminal history was erased. He probably had handlers… Same garbage different day……

    So, HOLD ON, a minute…

    There are a lot of things that don’t add up, here… Anyone who knows about firearms says that he was extremely well trained… and the Antifa thing fits in… along with a possible alliance with the Ukrainian Naxxis… unfortunately, he could have been trained by US military, since the US trained the Azovs.. And why did his former mental health and violence record get scrubbed by the authorities?

    “…The shooter used Neo-Naxxi symbols such as the Sonnerrad which are also used by the Azov Battalion in Ukraine. The Azov Battalion, which has white supremacist origins, has long been admired by Neo-Naxxi groups across the world.

    There were numerous reports about the Azov Battalion’s Naxxi sympathies from the outset of the conflict in Ukraine starting in 2014. Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, media outlets have started to whitewash their beliefs. Some politicians and reporters have even venerated them for their bravery.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that claims to combat extremism and racism, called for reporters to be censored if they discussed the Naxxi beliefs of the Azov Battalion.

    So, who are the white supremacists, again????

  8. This is not true, the images are not Nazi, and the Swastika is and has been dna tasted as far back a 17,000 years before Christ. American Indians, their dna test went back over 17000 years before Christ, Tribal Indians wear the Swastika. So take the hint of why the 3rd age of men created the Swastika.

    This war in the Ukraine is between Jewish Ukrainians and Jewish Russians. Two different Tribes that never got along as far back in history.

    WW2 Adolf Hitler, was confronted about his mother being Jewish, and the Documentary on Netflix, they said Hitler denied he was Jewish. That is not what Hitler said, He said, we are not of the same people.

    Jewish Germans and Jewish Russians, and the Crown of England also Jewish, these different tribes can not live in peace, all wars are bankers wars.
    Jewish People in Poland, where the German Camp was, the said German executed woman and children, I have read 100,000 page of official USA Documents and 200,000 more to go, I have not as of yet for this information in the USA Documents as well as the 6000 8MM movies and German Document written in German, this includes the IBM Punch Cards.
    One of the German Documents which was verified, Germany executed over 373,000 Freemasons, 1.9 Million Gays, both Jewish and none Jewish.
    This news blog is just wrong, and not support as a facts check.

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