Report Claims Nearly 200 Banks At Risk of Collapsing Like SVB

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Nearly 200 US banks are at risk of insolvency, and according to an international economic report, could collapse similar to the way Silicon Valley Bank did last week.

The report claims that “even if only half of uninsured depositors decide to withdraw, almost 190 banks are at a potential risk of impairment to insured depositors, with potentially $300 billion of insured deposits at risk”

InfoWars reports: A study by four economists from top universities posted to the Social Science Research Network on March 13 claimed that Federal Reserve interest rate hikes have devalued assets like U.S. Treasuries held by these banks.

“From March 07, 2022, to March 6, 2023, the federal funds rate rose sharply from 0.08% to 4.57%, and this increase was accompanied by quantitative tightening. As a result, long-dated assets similar to those held on bank balance sheets experienced significant value declines during the same period,” they wrote.

Combined, losses and uninsured leverage provide incentives for an SVB uninsured depositor run. We compute similar incentives for the sample of all U.S. banks. Even if only half of uninsured depositors decide to withdraw, almost 190 banks are at a potential risk of impairment to insured depositors, with potentially $300 billion of insured deposits at risk. If uninsured deposit withdrawals cause even small fire sales, substantially more banks are at risk. Overall, these calculations suggest that recent declines in bank asset values very significantly increased the fragility of the US banking system to uninsured depositor runs.

This comes as banks tapped the Fed for $165 billion in backstop liquidity, signaling banks are struggling to cover their funds.

But as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned on Thursday, not all uninsured deposits would be rescued by the FDIC if future banks fail.

In other words, only the big banks would be saved.


    • 2012 SVB/SPD joint american/china tech and medical coverage BANK since the end of the valley`s computer age.Yes and yes anyone could see this years ago.911/covid/biocide/banks collapse again like enron and haliberton KNEW THE VICE VP witness called to the senate drive by by by

    • It’ wasnt necessarily planned entirely. But the response of them all 8in it together to make it look like it was market forces is.

        • since SPD took over SVB in 2012 first sino/american BANK FAILED when the INTEREST RATES WENT UP everyone bailed as they could NOW get a better deal else where

          • SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT HERE: Corrupt accounting?
            How much assets Shanghai Pudong Development Bank have under management?
            As of the end of September 2022, the Bank’s total assets reached RMB 8.43 trillion ($122,404,530,274,430). It has established 42 tier-one branches with more than1,700 outlets, including domestic branches covering all provincial regions of Chinese mainland, and overseas branches in Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and London.

          • GREAT WORK!!! now you see the news and goverment cover UP SPD is SVB.You have to dig to get through this MAJOR MAJOR COVER UP.THE LARGEST BANK COLLAPSE IN WORLD HISTORY SPD/SVB the fed can`t and won`t bail that out!

          • SVB/SPD 50%/50% as since 2012 as far As I know! jointly owned sino/american TECH&healthcare venture over 50% of all new tech funded by them.WE ARE BACK IN THE STONE AGE AGAIN

          • YOUR RIGHT!!!! 8.43 TRILLION…the biggest bank collapse in the history of the world-all nice and covered up!.

          • This means a ripple effect through out the the Economy. If people knew there’d be a Panic Attack. It’s mismanagement, like in 2008.

          • IT`s the mommer ship UFO in hiddin they are sending all our cash right up into SPACE wind.MOM UFO needs cash fast as she ran outa gas and is stalled on UFO route 337.6289 south

          • NO that is wrong sorry she is stalled over on uFO route 442.92761 NOrthwest!

          • WE lost her again in the space rings on nepTONEs and she is breaking UP scooo….tt…y so sad she is gone along with our 200 banks funs

      • planned. all planned. The FRB knew were this was all heading, they know the end game, they have the end game ready.
        your timely death.

  1. Most banks are in accord with the government guaranteeing their depositors monies, BUT ONLY up to 250,000 dollars So just petty cash deposits. Its no use to anyone except paupers.
    Its only a mum and dad gaurantee and if the sh*t hits the fans then the government’s will ail on those guarantees with the full support of the rule of law that are all of them in it together working as hard as they can to remove cash and bring in digital.

    • THE GOVERMENT TAKES OVER AND pays NOT THE NO-FUND BANK as they are shutdown.IN MOst cases the investors don`t see a dime for years and they get a goverment NOTE that has ZERO VALUE ake FUNNY MONEY since WW1.WE the PEOPLE pay for the coverage and get screwed out of our moneys since there has been banks

      • There’s is no losses Wake up There’s only transfers The money doesn’t disappear. Its not magic.

        • GO try to get your funny money back than DIPSMIT!.You can`t transfer anything as the FED owns its and will give you a fed note that you may get a dime on the dollar for SOME year if you don`t die first.LINED UP at the DOOR for months trying to get the 250 that the fed don`t have

  2. 1ST there is and never was any SVB as that ended in 2012 READ some news!!!!.IT IS SVB/SPD a joint partnered ship with china.SO china`s 1st bank of tech collapsed and that made SVB also collapse and the ripples and GLOBAL SPILLOVER are being seen everywhere.RETIRERMENT FUNDS GONE and over half of the healthcARE system in the USA in trouble along with over half of all TECH ventures in china&america SVB is also SPD

    • It didn’t collapse Depositors withdrew 42 billion on 48 hours as a reaction to a panic alert that their criminal acts were going to get exposrd. Who Re you trying to cover up fir As if we don’t all know.

      • SO not true at all.OVER ONE TRILLION in venture funds can`t be withdrawn as they are not liquid as they are long term and under contracts.SILICON valley died when SPD took 50% of it over in 2012 so just as SVB collapsed so did china SPD.GO back to your dollar store JOB and shut the fluct tup

  3. FUNNY MONEY totally worthless goverment NOTEs have been handed out since there were banks in and in WW1 were the ONLY PAYMENT given.SINCE WW1&even WW2 americans and allied forces have given their life`s without any or much cash ever being given to them for their services and over the years the VA has cut off about every service given.The american goverment DID NOT COVER MOST OF THESE HIGH RISK investments and the risk takers got HIGHer than mormal returns-a sure tell tell sign of a BAD investment.HIGHER THAN NORMAL INTEREST RATE RETURNs=COLLAPSE COLLAPSE COLLAPSE as most returns are NOT OUTA THIS WORLD only normal markets will have real world returns.

  4. ROLLER COASTER RIDE nah a failed joint venture with china SPD&SVB same company since 2012 mostly TECH and healthcare prop up by big brother in china for happy endins tic tic in bed with china sleep OVER? over!!!!!

    • Crap Its a money laundering bank GROUP with its head office in New Hampshire. Course drug money is massive coming out if China because England started the entire global drug trade from their opium wars there.. And yes that’s why even still today London and England’s Islands the Caribbean Islands are the main laundries still on the planet a d it is still the global ce teal blackmarket money laundry for the planet.

        • VENURE-sino/american with everyone gettin greedy for the high interest rates FAILED most every bank in history !)! dumb dumb!!.Plus black markets can`t clean money either Dip smitty slime mask as they WOULD DIRT UP YOUR MONEY rotten tomatoes!

      • ZERO subject knowledge.SHANGHAI PUDONG DEVELOPMENT BANK (SPD bailed out SVB since 2012.The
        first SINO/american joint venture bank since 2012.SPD startup 1993.american lead first in the silicon. computer age which started and ended in the valley.IBC controls the world not dope dope! or failed UK waste landErs

  5. THE SILICON valley LEAP FROG REV ended in 2012 as SHANGHAI PUDONG DEVELOPMENT BANK TOOK OVER 50% jointly first SINO/american BANK ever so SPD failed along with SVB the same BANK and the IBC will get everything for a dime on the dollar like since they spun WW1WW2WW3 starfish prime russian/cuban nukes taken down by daddy warbucks the stock holder until CBS killed him and stole his weapons contract`s

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