Pelosi Says Current Supreme Court Is Dangerous For Families & Freedom In America

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Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi believes that the current Supreme Court is “dangerous” for families and freedom in America.

She claimed former President Donald Trump’s lasting influence on the Supreme court had made it “anti-freedom” and “dangerous” to families.

The house speaker made her remarks during an interview Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union”.

She also said that private companies should “of course” provide travel expenses for their employees to receive an abortion in a state where it is legal if Roe v Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court.

Breitbart reports: When asked about Roe v Wade potentially being overturned by the Supreme Court, Pelosi said, “Who would have ever suspected that a creature like Donald Trump would become president of the United States by waving a list of judges he would appoint, therefore, getting the support of the far-right — and appointing those anti-freedom justices to the court. So, this is not about long game. We played a long game. We won Roe v. Wade a long time ago. We voted to protect it over time.”

She continued, “Let’s not take our eye off the ball. The ball is this court, which is dangerous to the freedoms of our country. Beware in terms of marriage equality, beware in terms of other aspects of it, and so it is. Let’s not waste our time on that. The fact is, this is a dangerous court to families, to freedom in our country. And that is why people have to mobilize. My saying is we don’t agonize. We organize, we go out there and make sure people know that if they, actually elections have consequences.”


  1. The freedom she speaks about has nothing to do with the Constitution. She didn’t have a problem with our freedom to breath by instructing people to wear masks even going as far to fine people on the Hill for not wearing a mask and forget about her nothing wearing one when she thought she was off camera. These people are sick and evil.

    • And she just wore scarves There’s no way they protect against viruses and she knows it She was NEVER the least bit bothered by fear of covid even at her old age. She actually took a senator who was positive with covid into the house just to vote for her, She knew the person was infectious and took them on anyway just for her selfish profits from that role and her power. Point us she knew covid has 99%survubal rate, is no threat really and the mortality rate is the same as average life expectancy except for a tiny few, people who have serious life threatening illnesses at younger ages due to bad genes.

      • I think she made like 6 million off of Amazon stock–after they had their little meeting about closing down everything except for a few places. I have underlying conditions and had two bouts with COVID, thankfully the first round they referred to it as a new strain of flu otherwise I would have been put on a ventilator and the second time around I was sick one night with fever and vomiting. They did nothing for the people except oppression and abuse. I have no use for government and can’t wait for the day they will be removed and I know in my heart it is coming, they have nothing to lose at this point so they are (IMO) subject to do or try anything.

        • The current regimes need to be replaced and that does mean the top bureaucrats have to go as well as the politicians. They won’t go quietly or willingly So only a major war and mass destruction of cities killing millions in their workplaces will bring the change rhe world needs Unfortunately. Sad but true. And it is coming.

    • It’s sedition That’s what her roman mob crucified Jesus for For accusing them of tunrininv the temple into a synagogue of Satan and a den of thieves.

  2. You can saaaay that Speaker Leprosy (it is slandewr and borders on sedition) but you’re projeeeeeeeectiiiiiiiiiing as usual….

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