White Holes Spew Matter From Other Universe’s Black Holes

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Scientists say Black Holes are not alone in the universe. There are White Holes that accompany them and exist in direct contrast to them.

White Holes are far more mysterious than Black Holes as they cannot be entered from the outside by anything from our universe, but may be the cause of the existence of the universe and the Black Holes that continuously gobble up Space-Time, giving it no chance of recovery.

Scientists believe that White holes are from other universes and can explain the predicament facing science today, in unifying the theories relating to Space-Time, Inflation, Dark-Energy, Multi-verse and a host of others, born out of the Big-Bang and Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.

The Daily Express reports:

While nothing in regards to black holes is currently certain, experts believe that once information is inside a black hole, it is lost forever – even though this goes against the laws of physics.

Another thing in regards to black hole where the laws of physics are thrown out of the window is at the event horizon of a black hole – the point at which nothing can escape from its pull in what is known as a singularity.

As is often the case with singularities in the universe – with the only other being the Big Bang where it is impossible to explain with current scientific methods – there is often a piece of the puzzle missing.

Which is where white holes come into the equation.

Some believe that theoretical white holes could simply be ancient black holes which have begun spewing out all of the matter and information that they sucked up over time, meaning that the information might not be gone for good.

Another theory is that white holes could be the portal of black holes from other dimensions.

White holes would be the stark opposites of black holes, with an unfathomable amount of matter and information pouring out of them – but this must come from somewhere.

The multiverse theory states that our universe might not be the only one in existence, but rather that there are an infinite number of universes.

All universes would likely be the similar in their make-up meaning that they too would have black holes and white holes.

If black holes are sucking anything that comes close into them in one universe, everything that is being taken in in one cosmos could be being poured out in another.

This could even go towards explaining the Big Bang.

If in another universe a supernova occurred, resulting in a black hole, a white hole may have been the birth of our universe, with the matter falling out of that universe to create ours.


Nikodem Poplawski, a theoretical physicist from the University of New Haven, wrote for InsideScience.org: “What started the big bang? What caused inflation to end? What is the source of the mysterious dark energy that is apparently causing the universe to speed up its expansion?”

The Polish physicist describes black holes as a “kiln” of the universe. When this seed is at the bottom, and with the black hole twisting at almost the speed of light, the tiny seed becomes twisted and compressed, until it suddenly explodes, giving birth to everything that we know.

He adds: “Torsion therefore provides a theoretical foundation for a scenario in which the interior of every black hole becomes a new universe.”


  1. As I recall, Steven Hawking theorized that black holes slowly degrade over many billions of years when no more matter is available. I have often thought that as the universe expands new matter is crated. At this moment there is little premise for the existence of white holes but our science is still very young. I have some suspicion that our universe is dividing, not combining with another. It is based on how everything seems to work here in this universe. Down to the microscopic level, everything energetic seems to be indestructible and intelligent. Abundant life will be found everywhere any conditions for life exist, including Mars, our moon and in space. Don’t depend on NASA for answers. The information we are getting from them is more than 50+ years old.

  2. Standard (gravity-driven) Cosmology has already been disproved and discredited a while ago. Black holes (and “white holes”) do not exist, stars are not “thermonuclear fusion reactors” and comets are not “dirty snowballs”. For a more accurate model of how the cosmos works, Plasma Cosmology can not only accurately predict but also demonstrate the theory with experiments, while Standard Cosmology is constantly getting it wrong and cannot predict anything – no wonder the confusion. Please see Thunderbolts . info if you are interested in looking at an alternative and more accurate model.

  3. The Trinity Of Quantum Mechanics…………..Black Holes and White Holes being discussed by Ass Holes.

  4. I really do not pay any attention to this garble any more, and haven’t for quite a while; men in white coats lacking restraining jackets but imprisoned in a mind of illusions and delusions. To think that mere men who live for only but a few years can in that time unravel the mysteries of God’s creation of most likely boundless dimensions in terms of size, space and time is beyond belief.

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