Fully Jabbed Maxine Waters Tests Positive For Covid

Fact checked

Rep. Maxine Waters, who is fully jabbed, is the latest lawmaker to test positive for covid.

The California Democrat announced her positive test results in a statement on Wednesday, saying that she was not experiencing any symptoms, but was now in insolation.

Waters said: “Today, I have received a positive test result for COVID. I am currently isolating and have no symptoms.

I am following all protocols as recommended by the Office of the Attending Physician and CDC guidance. I am grateful to be fully vaccinated and to have received two booster shots.

Thankfully, I am feeling fine and recommend everyone to get vaccinated if you have not done so already.”


  1. Some pandemic They all get covid and there’s nothing even a bit wrong with them. And staying homes not stopping people gettingvitv
    So just all b/s

  2. I wonder if that VAIDS is starting to kick in. I mean why get tested if you aren’t feeling ill?

    • PCR test doesn’t test for a damn thing, so why get tested anyway??? Kerry Mullis, inventor of PCR test, said it himself “PCR doesn’t test for anything, it is to amplify viral fragments so we can learn more about them. That is all.” I saw him say it in a video that is no longer online and oddly, he died about 6 months before covid was discovered. He was 61 y.o. and died of pneumonia. Hmmm….

    • James was not evil. He was a great artist. Pls don’t degrade his memory for associating it with this pig.

  3. James Brown still wants his wig back. I’ve been trying for 20 yrs but she won’t comply. Gonna have to go to the courts, I guess.

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