Democrats Furious As ‘F**k Joe Biden’ Pandemic Spreads Like Wildfire Across America

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Democrats furious as 'fuck Joe Biden' pandemic spreads across America

Democratic lawmakers are reportedly ‘furious’ as the “F**k Joe Biden” movement continues to spread like wildfire across America.

It is Week 5 for college football and the chants of “F**k Joe Biden” are becoming deafening. The movement is also showing signs of spreading to other places.

Some of the college games where the chants rang out over the weekend include Oklahoma State, North Carolina State, Auburn, and Kentucky.

The chant also broke out at the end of NASCAR’s race during a live interview with race winner Brandon Brown. Laughably, NBC reporter Kelli Stavast attempted to convince the audience at home that the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!”



    • Not legally elected. Illegitimate president cannot be impeached, there are great options however, war of the flea. Try catching up please, good lord…

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