Jada Pinkett Smith Accused of Sexually Molesting Underage Boy

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Jada Pinkett Smith accused of sexually molesting an underage boy

Jada Pinkett Smith sexually molested Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross when he was a minor in 1993, rapper Daz Dillinger has revealed.

According to Dillinger, Jada was 22 years old at the time that she has a “sexual relationship” with the teenage rapper.

“You think Jada Pinkett was entangling? She was entangling with Chris Kelly from motherfuckin’ Kriss Kross,” Daz revealed in the interview.

“Kriss Kross was in the room and [Chris] was like, ‘Jada Pinkett is at the door but don’t leave! Take this weed, chill.’ We were like, ‘Damn, he gave us an ounce of weed! We gon’ kick it right here.’ Then he came back in and said, ‘Yeah, that was Jada Pinkett.’ I’m like, damn, that’s Jada Pinkett at a young age. 1993, around that way. She was entanglin’ then! Shout out to Jada.”

Hotnewhiphop.com reports: Daz Dillinger likely didn’t mean to start anything, but fans have started to calculate Jada and Chris’ ages at the time, realizing that Chris Kelly was only about fifteen when this allegedly happened. Jada was twenty-two in 1993, meaning that they were “entangling” while the Kriss Kross member was still underage.

Chris Kelly passed away from a drug overdose in 2013. He was thirty-four.

Check out Daz’s interview moment below, and let us know what you think. 


  1. Oh who cares. Its not like he was 5 and she didn’t hunt him for sport or skin him alive to harvest his adrenochrome.

    • Most of them are inverted in their genders. That knowledge and experience can cause kids to become drug addicts. Just saying.

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