Greta Thunberg Accused Of ‘Authoritarian, Anti-Democratic & Dangerous Behaviour’

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Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg has received harsh criticism in Scandinavia, where politicians and other have accused her of luring other climate activists in an extremist and anti-democratic direction.

Norways Climate Minister and an editor for a Norwegian newspaper both blasted the Swedish climate activist over her rhetoric at the COP26 summit.

They both said that Thunberg was behaving in an outright dangerous manner.

Breitbart reports: Kjetil B. Alstadheim, the political editor of the Aftenposten — Norway’s highest-circulation newspaper — slammed Thunberg for creating polarization on the topic of climate change, saying “She risks leading them into something authoritarian, anti-democratic and downright dangerous. Her rhetoric is just a ploy away from incitement to something beyond civil disobedience.”

On Friday, Thunberg addressed a rally in Glasgow during the COP26 climate summit saying, “The people in power can continue to live in their bubble filled with their fantasies, like eternal growth on a finite planet and technological solutions that will suddenly appear seemingly out of nowhere and will erase all of these crises just like that.”

Thunberg added that the summit was simply “business as usual” and that those attending were looking to “create loopholes to benefit themselves.”

“Greta Thunberg and activists are needed to push from the outside. There is no need for a Greta Thunberg who only spreads contempt and hopelessness,” Alstadheim wrote in an op-ed last Friday.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK notes that Alstadheim is not the only one to criticise the popular climate activist, with Norway’sClimate Minister Espen Barth Eide also criticising Thunberg’s words, claiming rhetoric stating politics has no meaning is “slightly dangerous.”

“I believe that the strong and sensible commitment to make something happen must be converted into political action – not to reject the whole idea of ​​democratic political change”, Eide said.

Thunberg also stated that western countries owed a “historical debt” to countries in the Global South to dramatically reduce carbon emissions due to the history of colonialism, stating, “The climate and ecological crisis, of course, does not exist in a vacuum. It is directly tied to other crises and injustices that date back to colonialism and beyond.”

Lisa Nåbo, the leader of SSU, the youth wing of Sweden’s ruling party, the Social Democrats, also slammed Thunberg for making demands without coming up with solutions.

Nåbo told SVT: “Greta, you have said that the most important thing young people can do is become activists. I don’t agree with you. No solution to the climate crisis will be politically neutral. The most important thing you as a young person can do is to get involved in politics and make sure that the right decisions are made”


  1. Keep in mind, Greta is merely a puppet of the Deep State. She’s being used and manipulated by them. She probably doesn’t even realize this fact. She probably thinks that these people that are supporting her also want to SAVE the planet (or at least, her version of “saving” the planet). She probably doesn’t even realize that she’s COMPLICIT in the depopulation agenda of the Deep State. The Deep State has been using children (or teenagers) to garner sympathy for their agendas for a long, LONG time. Greta is just the latest young person that they use in a long, long list of their young person or teenage puppets.

  2. President Xi Jing Ping, may look like Winnie the Pooh, but he is the beast of the apocalypse. Lucifer always parades around as an angel of light. Don’t be fooled. Greta may look like an innocent little girl, but she is totally possessed by Lucifer and he is what lives in her and she is just a vessel that he can speak through. You cannot stop the coming cataclysms and natural or unnatural disasters that are coming. You can only stop WW3 and all violence. There is so much evil=death/life-killing energy on earth now, it has reached the peak of what the earth can withstand before it is totally destroyed like Maldak (Lucifer’s planet between Mars and Jupiter) was. It cannot/will not happen again. The Black Sun must arrive here and with it will come a pole shift, and many nations will vanish. The earth must be purified and cleansed of all evil before Jesus can return and re-create the earth as a paradise/Heaven again. All evil will be taken from this earth and all the evil Luciferian, demonic entities, that serve as vessels for the hive mind of Lucifer, all the antichrist people of the NWO, and all who comply with and serve them, will be taken from this earth by the demons of the Black sun. It is so big and has many satellites=levels of Hell, that it will block all the light and life-giving energy from our sun for 3 days. Then it will just vanish=it is not solid=it is a time/space dimension. There will never be any darkness or night again after that. All liars and those who believe the lies of the devils/yids, will be gone and never know the beautiful magnificent world to come. It will all be worth it. This is the greatest time to be alive. Endure until the end=save your souls and become them in the new age of Love and light to come, where all people will be like angels and continue to evolve into something higher in the image of God our creator. I hope there will never be any devolution into demons again on the new earth. Rebelling against God is devolution, rebelling against what God has created us to evolve into is like becoming a cancer cell. Become the perfect soul that God created you to be=your soul is the blueprint to follow. It has no evil in it, just Good, mercy, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, Love, Truth, Joy, and oneness=love all others as you love yourself. Freedom and equality for all. The exact opposite of what those of the NWO are. As long as you reject them and stay with God, the angels will come and protect you. God will not allow the evil ones any power to harm you. Only when you comply and obey and worship and believe the lies of the evil one can they destroy you. God is testing all his children. God is in control. Choose Life eternal not death and Hell. Time is short. Everything will change by 2023. This is the best time to be alive something beyond your comprehension so magnificent = your birthright as children of God is coming. Do not give it up. Do not give up your souls. Once you give the devil an inch, they will take a mile and destroy your bodies, the temple of God and then, your minds and then your souls. Do not comply or obey the NWO devils from Hell, even if they look like a very cute little girl, or Winnie the Pooh. Be wiser than serpents. Nothing can change the coming purification unless you went back in time and Hitler won the war against evil.

  3. These Swedes are a bunch of turnips – a year or two ago, they were hailing Greta as a ‘Jesus’. Fools are now beginning to see they made a god out of a demon.

  4. She just go ahead and start buying the first of her 27 cats and her ‘environmentally-friendly’ Birkenstock hippie shoes…

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