2nd Grader Suspended 38 Times for Not Wearing a Mask Blasts School Board: “I Hope You All Go to Jail”

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2nd grader suspended multiple times for not wearing a mask publicly blasts school board

A brave Florida second grader who has been suspended a whopping 38 times for refusing to wear a mask confronted her school board on Wednesday – stating that they should all be in jail.

8-year-old Fiona Lashells unleashed on the Tampa Bay school board after they repeatedly bullied and threatened her for not wearing a mask while in class.

She is “on a mission to take back, not only her rights but every American child’s constitutional rights from the tyrant school board,” her mother, Bailey Lashells, told The Free Press.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Fiona isn’t taking the suspensions lying down either, she has now spoke at her school board meetings twice — directly confronting those who are ruining her education.


Speaking at a school board meeting for the second time, the brave elementary school student said that she believes masks are dirty and pointless.

Fiona asserted, “ok yeah, I hope you all go to jail for doing this to me,” to huge applause from the crowd. She added that her family is very proud of her and that the rules “suck.”

“I’m doing it for other kids and not just myself,” Fiona told Fox 8.

Fiona’s mother says that her daughter has now been told that she will fail the second grade, despite completing all of her assignments.

“Fiona is a strong-minded and fearless young girl who was ready to conquer the world at 7,” she told the newspaper. “Unfortunately, the blows just seem to not stop as she was recently told after completing every assignment her teacher will provide that she is not only failing 2nd grade but that there is no way she could catch up, per her teacher.”


  1. Think about it calmly. Within days almost if them “discovering” it in Wuhan the virus was somehow magically just about all over the whole planet. Yet here where quite a few Chinese ex pats had just returned from new year,no one wore masks or practiced social. Distancing and never has No one washes their hands or holds their breath till they turn blue, and no one’s ever had covid..I don’t think anyone even got tested Ever.

  2. … worried about failing the second grade… this girl is already showing more intelligence than those that are sitting on the board and certainly more than those who profess to grade her in a classroom

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