Veteran Reporter Gets Hit In The Head By Skateboard

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Australian journalist Mike Amor got hit on the back of the head with a flying skateboard while doing a report in Venice Beach, California.

The veteran broadcaster was doing a film report near a skate park at Venice Beach in Los Angeles when the accident happened. Amor is the U.S. bureau chief for Channel Seven in Australia.
He has covered many events including the 9/11 attacks in New York and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The veteran journalist never thought that he would draw first blood in his journalism career on Venice Beach, during a sunny day, standing next to a skate ramp.

Surprisingly the encounter did not draw any blood.

The Daily Mail reports:

Despite the wince-inducing footage, the journalist walked away unscathed and like a real professional he continued doing his job.

‘Shook me up for a couple minutes but went on to finish doing the piece-to-camera,’ he told Yahoo!7.

Surprisingly, the hit did not cause any bleeding.skateboard

Mike Amor’s career has spanned almost 30 years.

The Channel Seven journalist was born in Bendigo in Victoria but now lives in Malibu with his U.S. wife, Tracy, and his son, Addison, according to his website.

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