The ‘Ukraine Crisis Could Distract The World From The Climate Crisis’ Says John Kerry

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John Kerry Vladimir Putin

US Climate Czar John Kerry is worried about climate change as Russian president Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine.

The former Secretary of State John Kerry has been blasted for expressing hopes that Putin would “stay on track” in the fight against climate change in an interview that aired on the day Russia declared the start of military operations in Ukraine.

Explosions were heard in several cities on Thursday morning with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky saying that his country suffered “serious losses” after Russian air strikes hit 25 cities.

Although Kerry made his comments a couple days before Russia invaded Ukraine, he was blasted for discussing climate change just as a massive military attack by one country against another was about to commence.

“I’m concerned about Ukraine because of the people of Ukraine and because of the principles that are at risk, in terms of international law and trying to change boundaries of international law by force,” Kerry said. “I thought we lived in a world that had said no to that kind of activity. And I hope diplomacy will win.

“But it could have a profound negative impact on the climate, obviously” he added, “You have a war and obviously you’re going to have massive emissions consequences to the war,” he said

He also said the tundra in northern Russia is thawing, putting infrastructure and the country at risk and that he hopes Putin will help the climate zealots ‘stay on track.’

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