Sean Penn Says “American Soul Is Lost” If US Allows Ukraine To Fight Russia Alone

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Sean Penn

American Actor Sean Penn is urging the US to join the Ukraine in its war against Russia, saying that if we don’t join the fight, “our soul as America is lost.”

Penn, a left-wing actor, director and producer is currently in the Ukraine filming a documentary about the Russian invasion.

He reportedly arrived in Kiev earlier this week and was photographed at a press briefing by the Ukrainian government on Thursday as Russia launched a full-scale attack on its neighbour.

Breitbart report: On Saturday, the actor issued a statement in which he blasted Russia’s Vladimir Putin and likened the crisis to a fight for democracy — even though the Ukraine’s commitment to freedom and democratic values remains unclear at best.

“Already a brutal mistake of lives taken and hearts broken, and if he doesn’t relent, I believe Mr Putin will have made a most horrible mistake for all of humankind,” Penn said.

“President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people have risen as historic symbols of courage and principle. Ukraine is the tip of the spear for the democratic embrace of dreams. If we allow it to fight alone, our soul as America is lost.”

The vast majority of Americans are against major U.S. involvement in the Ukraine-Russia crisis. Only 26 percent say they want the U.S. to play a major role in the dispute, according to a recent AP-NORC poll.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration and prominent Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), are selling the conflict as an attack on democracy.


  1. He wants us to go to war just so he can film a movie? Is that a casting call, Sean? Fucker. I can’t wait until someone catches him in the act. Fast Times at Ridgemont High should be required viewing for those seeking a complete picture of the man. It took Mel Gibson to bring this creep out of the woodwork. Perhaps they are gearing up for their next movie. My that Mel is all over the place.

  2. This is the guy who wants to take the Falkland Islands away for its inhabitants and give it to Argentina.

    Like most media types with an opinion, I suspect he won’t get his hands too dirty, better to send poor people out to war.

    • Are it’s inhabitants aliens? Please specify why the aren’t Argentinians. Who are they, how did they get there why do they “belong” there?

      • Same as most other places. Historically they migrated there. Now, most were born there. I guess they don’t identify as Argentinian because they’re not Argentinian – most identify as Falkland Islanders.

  3. I will never understand how someone whose greatest accomplishment was playing a high school – stoner almost 50 years ago, still gets airtime.

  4. Sounds like just another globo-corporate mouth… To be honest, I don’t even know who that is and what is the significance of this person. Some celebrity?

  5. USSR break away state stealing all the mineral rights from the russians food and metals which ALL of the western bloc live off and ALL of the world uses china/russia products and fuel from kazakhstan which is under a total NEWS BLACK OUT worldwide.YOU are biting the hands that feed you also WAVE THE WHITE FLAG as ukraine could never beat the russian common wealth vs the UK common wealth.Share the minerals rights restore the supply chain to all of the eastern bloc.The american TIC TIC pushing the atomic button again at midnight.KILL KILL KILL the poor kids off again and again and again? WTF you bit size washed up throw your brother under the bus

  6. You should have told the puppet Zelensky to prepare his army for a Russian invasion, instead of asking his citizens to make molotov cocktails and attack the Russians.

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