R Kelly Vows To Expose Hollywood Pedophile Ring: Big Names Will Be Revealed

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R Kelly to expose Hollywood pedophile ring in sentencing deal with feds

R Kelly has vowed to expose a Hollywood pedophile ring and name other celebrities as part of a sentencing deal with prosecutors, according to reports.

R Kelly wants to dish the dirt on other Hollywood elites who he claims have also engaged in child rape.

According to an insider, who has known R Kelly for decades, “[R Kelly] and his team are working with the feds to reduce his prison time. He’ll provide evidence against other celebrities who were pedo**iles, and they’ll reduce his sentence.”

The alleged friend made the claims to Hip Hop publication Dreddsworld on condition of anonymity. He claims that one of the people R Kelly is prepared to expose is a “rapper” and the other is a “huge singer.”

Dreddsinfo.com reports: R Kelly has worked with dozens of the biggest names in music, throughout his career.

Last week, after weeks of testimony and entry of evidence, and after two days of deliberations, the jury found Kelly guilty on nine crimes including racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, bribery, sex trafficking, and a violation of the Mann Act.

He faces up to 100 years in prison – unless he cuts a deal with federal prosecutors.


  1. I’d like to hear the details of that case but if course its not suitable for an 8 year old to read so can’t be published . So we really won’t ever know Convenient isn’t it. There caring for all the little kiddies reading material

    • After seeing some of the books the school boards approved for children to read-I don’t think they can use that excuse anymore.

        • True-it’s not like they’re reporting in the news what they’re pushing on the kids. Only telegram, odysee etc

          • Exactly It used to be on the Internet, like the stories about the ubstiruobalised pedophilia from pizza Gate, back to water gate which was really about pedophilia too. Back to Cathy a browns book Trance formation of America, and even before back to Fritz Springmeiers, How to create an undetectable mind control robot, But in the last decade especially they’ve done a really thorough job of burying it all again under a flood of major distractions like COVID, 9/11, Y2K, and other big cover ups.

          • Cathy O Briens book Trance formation of America, which should be compulsory reading for every high school. And Fritz Springmeiers should never have been jailed. And in England barrister Wilfred Wongs vicious castration on jail for trying to save a child from a Pedo network should be the front page headlines, but instead it’s buried and hidden away. And lied about how they set him up in an straight out old fashioned entrapment to shut him up and lock him up.

    • Kind of like Maxwell, soooo you trafficked these underage girls to powerful elite all over the world and NOBODY asks for the client list???

  2. Always using suspense.
    Here I’ll rid that suspense
    All of them. They’re all pedos in some fashion. Whether it’s just from looking the other way. They’re all complicit.

    • I was being groomed for a career in TV when I was a a teenager, by which I mean being given a short cut to the top and as part of that I was introduced around and yes pedophiles ran the industry and were open about it then because it wasn’t so frowned on Ubtill the last 20 years. But it was a vicious business really with undertones of pure evil.I met a lot of stars and even Hollywood old school but it snt what you expect as a teenager from a tiny country farming community. Not for me.

      • And I want to be very clear It was well known that the big bucks, the big producers were pedophiles, some of them, not all at all A few And they were not interested in teenagers they were pedophiles who were only interested in children who were under about 10 years old. Not 15 16 or 17 year olds. Not at all.

          • Yes Pedis do rule the world and its from Romes Juvenalia the orgies they had to celebrate what is now called Christmas but is really Saturnalia which is actually Satanism.
            And remember the Catholic pedophilia crimes aren’t against 16 and 17 year olds, they’re against 6 and 7 year olds usually.

        • Thanks Me too. Sometimes I used to think OK ill just go and say I’m in, you know the money s great and the works a joke, but then something always stopped me. Thank God.

  3. Other sites say he got 20 years And the brunt of it is he took some groupies around on his tour who were throwing themselves at him and now want compensation Basically And the system, again, wants the world to think that’s the Scary Monster and the lawyers describe him as the worst, worse even than Epstein or Weinstein. They should be ashamed of their deliberate deceit to protect the really evil pedophiles

  4. I’m 99% sure this is fake news. If it isn’t, however, it’s clear he’s talking about Jay Z and Beyonce.

  5. But he says he never engaged in this type of behavior..so how would he have the inside scoop on the pedos in Hollywood?

    • Easy They brag about it They try to get you into it. See Mel Gibson famous interview with Graham Norton. Bear in mind he’s Catholic and so anti semitic.

  6. The only real crime R. Kelly is guilty of is deciding not to join the Luciferians. Those monsters did this to him. These Celebs are just Lucifer’s False Idols to worship in place of God. They must serve as “evangelists” bringing people to the evil one. Yes they are provided fame/possessions and Money in exchange for their souls, but to keep that money they must also serve satan, by getting more people to destroy their souls and join him in Hell forever after death. They are all psychopaths, once they become satanists via the rituals they must perform to become satanists. The Luciferians carefully choose those who can serve them the best. No one can leave, unless they can no longer serve the evil one. The satanic media gives them all their false image of goodness=like Lucifer parading as an angel of light. But once, you choose to leave, find God or become tarnished and not pretty enough, to tempt people to the devil, you are cast out. All the celebs/Luciferians commit much more heinous crimes than R. Kelley, so why is he going to prison? The answer is obvious. He wanted out. Same for many others. Micheal Jackson, Kanye West is next, once you want out the just media reverses the opinion they insist everyone must have about a person. You worship demonic Luciferians when you worship these false idols. If they have millions or billions, it is directly related to how much they serve the devil. How much they destroy the souls of those who worship and idolize them. The same with Elon Musk and all the others like him. R. Kelly has an incredible gift, the Luciferians wanted to use him, he refused. Now they are punishing him for that “crime” when the truth is: they torture babies and drink their blood, daily. It is their religion, their unholy Eucharist. Every evil thing on this planet Earth can be attributed to their machinations. There are many more like R. Kelly, most are too afraid to speak out. They fear repercussions and know the power these monsters are capable of. R Kelly knows God and that God will protect him, he has nothing to fear. The rest of celebrity land are dead to God=forever. No one with Billions or Millions got it for any other reason than they had something Lucifer wanted to use to destroy souls, to lead people away from God. The more they serve satan’s goals=the more money they get and the more really true crimes against God they have done and are willing to do. They all wear a false mask of goodness provided by the media. A certain famous singer (M. C.) whom you all love, grew up in the satanic cults and had a baby at 14, which she sacrificed to Lucifer for her career. No she is not an MK Ultra, she willingly participates and you all worship her as a false Idol. She like K.K. are satanic witches who committed the worst possible crimes, but did it for Lucifer so they will be rewarded with money and fame/false persona for as long as they can serve Lucifer.

  7. Remember they tried him back in the early 2000s for urinating on a 15 year old girl? The “golden shower” that hookers charge hundreds to perform. Now he’s being charged for being a Dominant Master basically, and they can make thousands a day doing what he did for free. The sex workers Union should be all over those charges seeing them thrown out of court.

    • Because see, Theresas escape, Satan’s children 60 minutes Australia, for the pedophilia the cops and Courts and lawyers should be working to expose and eradicate not cover up and distract from. Not some street workers or groupies crying victim for huge payouts.

  8. He’s going to believe he can fly out of a ten story barred window when they get through with him A Dree Know Chrome is a BIG Business!!

  9. All of “Hollywood” are pedos, after all Holly is the wood witches brooms are made of and Warlocks wands. It’s ALL Satanic!

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