Arizona Man Suspected of Decapitating Wife, Killing Dogs, Hacking Arm Off

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A man from Arizona is accused of decapitating his wife, hacking off his own arm and gouging out one of his own eyes, as well as mutilating his dogs.

From NBC News [1]:

Authorities stumbled onto the horrific scene on a quiet residential street in Phoenix Saturday morning after a man told a 911 operator about a mentally ill neighbor involved in a “cutting” incident, the police said in a release. 

When officers arrived at the apartment complex, they found a man with “a severed left forearm, cuts on his chest, and [he] appeared to be missing his right eye,” the release says. 

“They could also see large amounts of blood on the floors, cabinets and walls of the apartment.” 

Inside a bedroom closet, the police found the body of Trina Heisch, 49, and two small, dead dogs. 

The man, who police have not officially named, also told the officers that he had killed three family members, though police spokesman James Holmes told NBC News that no additional bodies have been found. 

Police said that Heisch and the suspect have a history of mental illness, domestic violence and drug abuse, though Holmes added that it was still unclear what triggered the attack. 

“We really don’t know what made him do what he did yesterday,” Holmes said. 

The couple met at a mental health facility, where they married, police said. 

A neighbor told NBC News that they typically stayed indoors, except when they fought. “Yelling was common,” the neighbor said. 

Heisch was arrested in March for domestic violence assault after allegedly trying to stab her husband, police said, while the husband was arrested in 2003 for trying to kill a relative. 

The man will be booked for murder — and animal cruelty — once he is released from the hospital, officials said. 



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