Sean Hannity: I’m Not Backing Off From Seth Rich Story

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Sean Hannity vows to continue with his Seth Rich investigative reporting

Sean Hannity has promised the American public that he will not back away from the Seth Rich story until he finds out who murdered the DNC whistleblower.

On the May 19 edition of the Fox News show, Hannity said that he doesn’t believe that Seth was robbed by gunmen. He thinks its more likely that Seth was murdered as a result of the damage he did to the Hillary Clinton campaign after leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks.


I am not backing off asking questions even though there’s an effort that nobody talk about Seth Rich.

Now, I’ve interviewed Julian Assange on radio and TV many times, and I’ve asked him about where those Wikileaks DNC emails came from that resulted in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s firing.

This kid got shot in the back, they said it was a robbery, yet he had his watch, his wallet and his phone. I don’t believe it’s a robbery. But I asked Julian, was it the Russians? And then listen to what Julian said in a Dutch interview.


By the way my thoughts and prayers go out to this family. Jay Sekulow, then I want Juan to really fully respond. If he says it’s not Russia and he sounds, he comes so close to the line saying, “it was this kid.”

Let’s put the kid out of it for a minute, I feel sorry for his family. But what if it was somebody that was so disgruntled in the DNC at how they cheated Bernie and how the fix was in, if that turned out to be true that somebody did that, wouldn’t that completely wipe out the entire Russia lie we’ve heard for months and months?

JAY SEKULOW: Of course, and by the way, not only would it wipe that out, but Dianne Feinstein, the senator from California, when asked about evidence involving Russia collusion, she said she has seen to date none.

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