Judge may reveal Prince Andrew’s alleged bid to protect Jeffrey Epstein

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Judge may reveal Prince Andrew’s alleged bid to protect Jeffrey Epstein

Allegations that Prince Andrew might have helped paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein get a reduced jail sentence, may be revealed in court for the first time.

News.Com.Au reports :A US judge says he is ready to release documents relating to the Duke of York’s alleged role in securing a plea deal for paedophile tycoon Jeffrey Epstein that potentially shaved 18 years off his sentence.

Federal judge Kenneth Marra has ordered Epstein’s legal team to produce ­“extraordinary circumstances” as to why the papers should not be made public.

The 15,000 pages of suppressed material are believed to contain the names of several powerful figures, including Prince Andrew, who allegedly lobbied on Epstein’s behalf.

If released, details of the royal’s alleged involvement in his former friend’s underage sex ring and the lengths he allegedly went to protect Epstein will be known for the first time, potentially delivering the biggest blow yet to Buckingham Palace since this sordid case came to light.

“Public policy favours judicial records being open to the public,” Judge Marra wrote.

“In order for the court to take action inconsistent with that policy, a party seeking to seal a judicial record must provide adequate ­justification overcoming the presumption that filings in civil cases be public.”

The judge said if the defence could not convince him of “extraordinary circumstances”, he would release the explosive document.

Sources say Epstein’s army of lawyers are frantically working round the clock to come up with a such a reason.

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