120 American Generals: U.S. Will Not Survive Biden’s Assault on Our Constitution

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"Our nation is in deep peril. We are in a fight for our survival as a constitutional republic like no other time since our founding in 1776."

120 military generals warn USA will not survive Biden's attack on the U.S. constitution

A letter signed by 120 retired military leaders has warned that the USA will not survive the attack on the Constitution being orchestration by President Joe Biden.

“Our nation is in deep peril,” says the letter, which was posted by The Federalist.

“We are in a fight for our survival as a constitutional republic like no other time since our founding in 1776. The conflict is between supporters of socialism and Marxism vs. supporters of constitutional freedom and liberty.”

“The current administration has launched a full-blown assault on our constitutional rights in a dictatorial manner, bypassing the Congress, with more than 50 executive orders quickly signed, many reversing the previous administration’s effective policies and regulations,” the military leaders wrote. “Moreover, population control actions such as excessive lockdowns, school and business closures, and most alarming, censorship of written and verbal expression are all direct assaults on our fundamental rights.”

Wnd.com reports: They pointed to the 2020 elections, however, as the most significant red flag.

“Without fair and honest elections that accurately reflect the ‘will of the people’ our constitutional republic is lost. Election integrity demands insuring there is one legal vote cast and counted per citizen. Legal votes are identified by state legislature’s approved controls using government IDs, verified signatures, etc.

“Today, many are calling such commonsense controls ‘racist’ in an attempt to avoid having fair and honest elections. Using racial terms to suppress proof of eligibility is itself a tyrannical intimidation tactic. Additionally, the ‘Rule of Law’ must be enforced in our election processes to ensure integrity,” they wrote.

“The FBI and Supreme Court must act swiftly when election irregularities are surfaced and not ignore them as was done in 2020.”

And they warned against the Democrats’ openly proclaimed congressional agenda point of taking over all elections in the nation entirely, banning state security requirements and imposing hugely suspect processes such as mail-in ballots for all and hired ballot collectors who would take votes from individuals – and then turn them in.

The report said the signatories include President Ronald Reagan’s former National Security Adviser John Poindexter, President George W. Bush’s former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense William Gerald Boykin and retired Army Brig. Gen. Donald Bolduc, who is now running for Senate in New Hampshire.

They object to the “litany of left-wing pursuits showcased in the first 100 days of the new administration led by President Joe Biden, who has redefined what it means to run a far-left presidency,” the report said.

They cited the Democrats’ attack on elections, demand for open borders, unlimited censorship from Big Tech, the attempt to return to the Iran nuclear deal, the damage to the nation’s energy independence, and more.

“Under a Democrat Congress and the current administration, our country has taken a hard left turn toward socialism and a Marxist form of tyrannical government,” they charged.

Biden, whose president rests on no more than some 43,000 votes spread across three battleground states – where election actions and results prompted calls for investigations into alleged fraud – is working with a 50-50 Senate and an extremely narrow margin of majority in the House, which may be why he’s doing so many actions by executive fiat.

The letter asks Americans to toss out far-left politicians and instead choose candidates who value fiscal responsibility and individual rights over socialism.


  1. They’re happy to let him carry on though Look the old school wealthy east coast families from the past were royalists despite the war of Independence A leopard doesnt change its spots .The ild school elite just played the game The obdiate et aspirate game .

  2. And where were these super-patriots during all the illegal wars and occupations? Drone murders. The illegal mass surveillance of Americans? The FISA scandal? Here’s news; Any America Generals that criticize Biden’s assault on America will not survive.

  3. And I thought they were to protect America from terrorist foreign and domestic? Looks like they just protect israel.

  4. If you don’t like the President of the United States using the military to force foreign governments to do his bidding, you should hate the idea of the President having the same power to use the police to force US citizens to do his bidding. Right now, it takes 535 people in Congress to agree to do that. Active military personnel are not allowed to get involved in politics for obvious reasons. These guys are not active, so they have every right to collectively make a public statement. And since they have spent their lives in a profession where they have seen the results of Socialism in the form of violence directed at the US, its allies, and even the citizens of the Socialist countries who have been victimized by their own governments; they are understandably fearful for the country they have risked their own lives defending.

  5. Socialism isn’t Social Security, unemployment Insurance, health care, or any of the other forms of basic care this country offers its citizens. All that has been provided by Capitalism. Socialism is when the government controls the means of production and all the land. Socialism is like when the government created a fake market demand for subprime mortgages back in 1999 in order to increase the number of poor people owning their own homes (Social Engineering at the expense of Financial Safety and Soundness). It almost collapsed the entire world economy in 2008 and has helped to establish nearly a 30 trillion dollar debt for the US. Hyper inflation will be its inevitable legacy. Socialism controls Labor, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, research, education, retail, transportation, health care, (the list goes on), by committees rather than financial constraints. Regulations issued by those committees, not laws passed by Congress, will dictate EVERYTHING.

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