As NASCAR Fans Chant ‘F*** Joe Biden,’ NBC Tells Viewers Not To Believe Their Lying Ears: ‘They’re Chanting Let’s Go Brandon’

Fact checked
NASCAR fans loudly chant 'f**k Joe Biden' as NBC scrambles to distract viewers

An NBC reporter was left desperately scrambling to run damage control at Saturday’s race in Talladega as a crowd of NASCAR fans began loudly chanting “f**k Joe Biden” during a live broadcast.

NASCAR driver Brandon Brown won the Xfinity race during his first national series win.

After the victory, Brandon was interviewed by an NBC journalist who desperately attempted to cover-up the deafening chants of the crowd.

According to the NBC reporter, the crowd were saying “let’s go Brandon.” However, as you can hear in the videos below, the chants were obviously a lot ruder than that: reports: Yeah, we heard something else as well. Gee, what could it have been?

That’s how the media rolls!

Nice attempted save by the NBC Sports reporter! The White House will appreciate that.


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