ISIS Executes Two Men Accused of Being Gay

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ISIS has executed two men accused of being gay by throwing them off of a roof onto the ground where the waiting crowd below then stoned the men until they were dead.  ISIS released a video of the horrific event.

According to an article in The International Business Times:

The video, which reportedly takes place in Homs, Syria, is more than six minutes long. It shows a masked ISIS militant reading the “charges” against the two men to an audience lining the street, before the two men are led blindfolded across the roof. The video then shows the men being tossed from it — ISIS’ regular method of execution for those suspected or proven to be homosexual. Although the moment of impact is not included, the crowd is shown surging forward to stone the men after they hit the ground.

The bodies are then removed and washed in accordance with Islamic burial traditions, before being wrapped in white shrouds and placed in unmarked graves.

The title of the video is “But Who Is Better Than God In Judgement: Establishing a Limit Upon the People of Lut – Wilayat Homs,” or “State of Homs,” according to

Homs is a city in western Syria and the capital of the Homs province, an area largely occupied by ISIS.


On June 26, the same day that the Supreme Court of the United States released its landmark ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, ISIS released a video of four different men being thrown from a building in Dir Zour, Syria, to be stoned by an awaiting crowd, according to

At the beginning of July, ISIS threw four men found “guilty” of being gay in a Sharia court, from the top of a four-story building in Fallujah, Iraq, according to

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